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Shipping pallets requires experience and know-how. Customers who require the best consistently choose Packing Service, Inc. because we are the leading palletizing company in the nation. Our team of dedicated professionals will handle everything, from coordinating the logistics to packing boxes and everything in between.

Does your company require the services of a palletizing company? Read on to learn what shipping your goods by pallet can do for your business.

Speed and Efficiency

A major upside to shipping goods by pallet is the speed at which your goods can be shipped and processed. Shipping pallets instead of many separate boxes reduces the amount of manpower needed to process your freight. One machine can move a pallet; many loaders would be required to move individual boxes. Speed and efficiency is especially important if you are shipping perishable items.

Reduce Loss

Lost goods can be costly for businesses. Pallets are tightly secured using straps and shrink wrap making it nearly impossible for your goods to go missing. Packing boxes and loading them into a truck individually leaves more room for error.

Safety and Security

When shipping fragile or expensive items, it is even more important that you use secure methods to transport your goods. Pallets are not handled as much as boxes resulting in fewer opportunities for damage to occur. Shipping pallets also provides you with a level of protection against dirt, water, and other environmental factors that could damage your goods.

#1 Palletizing Solution Nationwide – Packing Service, Inc.

Packing boxes and shipping them individually is not as safe, efficient, and fast as shipping by pallet. Packing Service, Inc. is a leading palletizing company that serves customer of all sizes. Whether you are shipping across the state or across the globe, our expert team has you covered. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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