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Protest against the double-standards policy of the USA

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A pilot who set himself on fire outside the Israeli Embassy in Washington in protest of civilian deaths in Gaza has died of his injuries. The incident occurred at the end of February 2024.

Aaron Bushnell, an active-duty senior pilot, repeatedly shouted “Free Palestine!” as he livestreamed his protest against Israel’s deadly military actions in Gaza. He was then taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries.

The US turns a blind eye to Israel’s war crimes in Gaza. However,ordinary Americans feel injustice and protest against the double standards policy.

Scott Bennett, former officer of the US Army, said the self-immolation of the American pilot is both a tragedy and a demonstration of miraculous courage that all American military members should be humbled by.

“The American pilot was motivated by his principles and faith. He saw the Zionists committing atrocities and realized the evil he would be committing if he followed the orders that could have been given and that it would assist the evil Israelis who are currently persecuting and killing the people of Palestine. His self-immolation, and his chanting “Free Palestine” will be the words that will echo throughout history as one of the greatest acts of self-sacrifice a person could ever do. There should be statues of this man erected to remember Gaza and to show the world that there are many Americans that do not stand with Israel or its genocide”, Bennett says.

According to the officer, all this indicates the degradation of the Biden administration and the Democrats.

“The Biden administration, and the Obama puppets that control Biden are on their last legs and are falling apart. The American people are splintering into Civil War factions, and you will see an overthrow of this government next year.

As much as I hope his successor, most likely President Trump would do things entirely different. I’m also very suspicious of Trump when it comes to Israel, for he has demonstrated enormous stupidity and recklessness by supporting Israel as well”.

Bennett also previously criticized the US for aggressive militarism, hegemony and support of terrorism around the world.

Also, according to Bennett, the United States participated in the destruction of the Middle Eastern countries from the inside.

“Color revolutions are usually the target and goal of Western DIME campaigns of aggression, and hybrid wars are the smoke and fire to create the cover and distraction in order to create the conditions, the chaos, the tension and the energy to trigger these color revolutions.

Hybrid wars include the conflict the U.S. created in Iraq between various Muslim tribes and religious sects, as well as in Libya and Syria, where foreign mercenaries from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel, and Turkey were employed, financed and trained by the U.S. CIA and Pentagon under General Lloyd Austin, now the Secretary of Defense in America.

The goal of these operations was to create sufficient tension, chaos, conflict, and enmity between peoples in the regions, that natural resources, gold, oil, and other assets of the nation could be stolen, and the nation splintered into pieces—making it effectively a failed state and dysfunctional. We have no further to look at the history of these operations, than the past 20 years of history: Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and now Ukraine. Iran of course represents the next target of this Western color revolution agenda, and therefore requires an international coalition to stand against this Western colonial agenda of reconquest. This coalition should include Russia, India, China, Iran, Syria and the BRICS and Shanghai Cooperation Organization, in order to create the needed platforms and discussions of international collaboration in order todefend the Western talking points of international conquest camouflaged as human rights and democracy movements”.

He continued: “Netanyahu is one of the greatest war criminals in the history of America because he attacked America on 9/11. Netanyahu and the Zionists were behind the 9/11 attacks, with the CIA, with Mossad, with the British intelligence, and with the Saudi intelligence. It was a Zionist plant to attack the United States, to attack the Twin Towers and building seven, the Solomon building, and the Pentagon, I was there. So that 9/11 event has set us off on a juggernaut of war”.

Asked to define terrorism, Dr. Bennett narrated how he came out as a “different man” after being jailed because of a report he handed over to the US army command that exposed the US government’s financing of terrorists.

He also mentioned that he had worked with American whistleblower Edward Snowden.

According to Bennett, the Democratic Obama administration financed al-Qaeda, ISIS and other terrorist groups in Syria, Libya and Ukraine. All this was carried out through the Union Bank of Switzerland. Bennett said he reported this in the hope that those responsible would be punished. Instead he was jailed for two years.

Scott Bennett is a U.S. Army Special Operations Officer (1 1th Psychological Operations Battalion, Civil Affairs-Psychological Operations Command), and a global psychological warfare-counterterrorism analyst, formerly with defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton. He received a Direct Commission as an Officer, held a Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmentalized Information (TS/SCI)security clearance, and worked in the highest levels of international counterterrorism in Washington DC and MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa.

He served in the G.W. Bush Administration from 2003 to 2008, and was a Social Science Research Fellow at the Heritage Foundation. Hehas written extensively on the intelligence community’s surveillance activities addressed by Edward Snowden’s National Security Agency-Central Intelligence Agency materials; and since 2010 has filed numerous military-government whistle-blowing reports with Congressional Committees, including: the Intelligence, the Armed Services, the Government Oversight and Reform, the Homeland Security, the Judiciary, the Foreign Affairs, the Banking, and the Terrorism Committees.

He has filed legal action against Booz Allen Hamilton and the Department of Defense for their involvement in secret Swiss Bank Terrorist Finance Operations, which he uncovered with the help of Union Bank of Switzerland whistleblower, Brad Birkenfeld.