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Pt. Sarana Mitra Luas: Revolutionizing Forklift Solutions Since 1996

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It has been leading innovation and driving customer-centric solutions in the ever-pulsating world of industrial logistics and material handling since 1996; Sarana Mitra Luas peers this Excellence. What started as a modest Perusahaan penyewaan forklift rental out of Cikarang has become Indonesia’s premiere first-generation company. A fleet that numbers 3,000 is simple and, at the same time, amazingly huge—the call that reverberates in the innermost depth of their voyage: “Customer Obsession and Operational Excellence.

Customer Obsession: Elevating Experiences, Fostering Trust

From PT to the US, the international satisfaction of the customers is like an inborn characteristic in each area of the business being carried out. Each customer is unique and will have specific needs that should be catered to. It’s like not doing simply the simple trade but a partnership over the long term based on trust, transparency, and service par Excellence.

Their commitment goes beyond just giving a Penyewaan forklift; it extends to providing a wholesome solution to address the changing needs across modern industries. You can count on them as your staunch allies, from streamlining operations to bettering production and warehousing to ensuring effective and safe operations.

Operational Excellence: Setting Benchmarks, Driving Innovation

Operational Excellence is our goal. Not just another, but it is a living guiding principle for PT. Sarana Mitra Luas. It is a full sail of operational predictability with the relenting pursuit of perfection. It ensures that they continually refine and improve their processes to use cutting-edge technologies and best practices, wherein unparalleled efficiency and reliability ensue.

From the most robust diesel forklifts to the most fitted electric forklifts to reach trucks and nimble hand pallet movers totaling more than 3,000+ fleets, they have them at the helm of our mission: within every kind of application in any industry, there won’t be anything that they cannot offer a solution for.

Unveiling the Pinnacle of Innovation: Forklift Solutions Redefined

The Electric Counterbalanced Forklifts reflects the highest innovation and sustainable commitment levels among its total line products. Perfect for use in the dairy, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries, which demand very low emissions yet where excellent performance meets an environmental concern.

On the other hand, their Engine Counter counterbalanced forklift depicts power, versatility, and rough endurance. Flexibility ranges from 1.0 to 30.0 tons using diesel and LP-G engines, dealing with heavy tasks over a broad spectrum of outdoor applications, where rugged performance is not even a point of debate. Whether it is rough terrains or high-intensity material manipulation, reliability would be taken as a given with a forklift, and fortification can be termed its second name.

Last, the Reach Trucks is an agile and precise machine with unparalleled and peerless maneuverability within the narrow aisles of the warehouse. The nine to eleven meters within the vertical reach efficiently capitalizes on available storage capacities within a narrow environment. The silent running truck with nothing emitted into the atmosphere is perfect for the warehouse within the objectives of optimal operation and a green facility.

They are forging Ahead with Confidence and Conviction, Unwavering commitment to Excellence, and delivering good promises through satisfaction to a teeming group of customers. They are now, more than ever before, committed to their promising mission of pushing the limits of possibility through innovation, giving their customers better experiences, and opening ways for a more efficient and sustainable future. With Sarana Mitra Luas, the possibilities are infinite, and the journey toward operational Excellence knows no bounds.