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Restaurant Games: A Good Way to Spend Your Leisure Time

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The first-person shooter RPGs are all the same after a point in time. The quests and challenges are trite and there’s the same old repetitive arc. Enter a dungeon, open up chests, and beat up monsters to advance further. If you’re bored of the cheap thrill of these violent games, it’s time for a change. There are much better ways to spend your leisure time instead. Restaurant games, for instance, offer a good alternative.

Why restaurant games?

The thing about restaurant or cafe games is they are wholesome. They engage you, immerse you in the gameplay, and build your soft skills effortlessly. These games keep your minds productive and your hands busy. One moment you’re renovating your restaurant and the next you’re farming an ingredient yourself.

One moment you’re in a race against time to fulfill orders and a few minutes later you find yourself in a contest against a Michelin chef. There’s never an idle time in restaurant games and they’re a whole lot of fun. There’s no violence in these games but the tension is gripping and palpable at times!

Popular restaurant games to check out

Restaurant games are quite popular and the amount of game sequels we see is proof of that. If you check some of these games out on Steam, you’ll find the community is willing to pay good money for such games. So, here are some games that have attracted people for their cool graphics and immersive gameplay:

1. Star Chef 2: Cooking Game

Star Chef 2 is the sequel to the restaurant game, Star Chef. It is developed by 99Games. The sequel is a huge improvement over the original one. It combines the elements of emotional narrative (of building your favorite childhood diner that now lies in ruins) and time-bound cooking competitions to great effect.

The Star Diner thrived once upon a time. Now it’s a pale shadow of its former self. The onus is on you to make it flourish again. Here’s what you have to achieve this goal:

  • Decoration: Renovate your restaurant and give it a decorative ambiance


  • Chef recruitment: Hire world-class chefs to manage your restaurant and serve gourmet cuisines


  • Restaurant menu: Cook international cuisines; bake or grill your favorite food items

2. Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator

Cyanide Studio came up with this well-designed game last year in February. It’s been received quite well in the community although the price is still an issue. The graphics are top-notch and the presentation is captivating in this game.

  • Build your dream restaurant: You can customize your restaurant with a plethora of decor options available. You can also choose from a wide range of kitchen components to supply your restaurant staff with the finest appliances.


  • Create a menu based on your taste: The game gives you the freedom to build a menu off your taste preferences. You can prepare the classic French and Italian cuisines as well as experiment with international cuisines to build your signature dish.

3. Cooking Fever

The name of Cooking Fever can’t be left behind when we talk about chef games. This is a highly immersive cooking time-management game developed by Nord current. The game’s popularity lies more in its diversity than its concept.

Here are the features of Cooking Fever:

  • Prepare tasty, finger-licking food: You can make delicious desserts, fast food, and international cuisines.


  • Access a wide ingredient range: There are hundreds of ingredients in the game to choose from.


  • Decorate your restaurant: You can give your restaurant a nice makeover to attract more people.


  • Use a variety of kitchen appliances: There’s a wide variety of appliances and the ability to upgrade.


  • Go to your choice location: There are 27 locations in the game. The location diversity is the game’s USP.

4. Cooking Crush

This game is a great combo of cooking skills and time management. The game takes you on an exhilarating journey of building your restaurant and completing cooking quests while the clock ticks.

  • Level-based progress: There are more than 500 levels in the game and each level comes with a unique cooking challenge.


  • Global setting: The game takes you through multiple locations across the globe. You get to go on a global tour with chefs and participate in exciting cooking tasks.


  • Challenging tasks: As you get ahead in the game, you’ll encounter several cooking challenges that test your speed and precision.


  • Competition: You can engage in a healthy competition with your friends for the top spot on the leaderboard.

5. Cuisineer

Battle brew Productions, the developers of the Cuisineer game, has created a unique game. They have merged the realms of a dungeon-crawler game and a cooking game. It’s a delight for ARPG fans who were missing the action and thrill of the dungeon-crawling games!

Here’s the gameplay of Cuisineer:

  • Goal: You play as the young adventurer and restaurateur Pom who comes back to his hometown Paell. Pom’s goal is to breathe life into the once-flourishing restaurant.


  • Monsters: There are giant chickens, fire-causing peppers, and artillery shrimps you’ll need to deal with while you manage your restaurant!


  • Weapons: You’ll have to deploy your cooking ware and appliances against these monsters.

Key Takeaway

If you’re receptive to new gaming ideas, you’ll enjoy the genre of restaurant games. Games like Star Chef 2, Cooking Crush, and Cuisineer are some popular games in this genre. They test your creativity and critical-thinking skills along with your cooking skills, of course. Playing these games is a fun way to spend an idle afternoon. The time-bound challenges and restaurant management problems will keep you engrossed throughout the game.