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Safe & Fun Outdoor Play with Cubby Houses

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You want to give your kids a safe, fun outdoor play place where they can run and jump over things. Think about cubby houses! They are outdoor play structures with slides and swings that can make your child’s playtime more fun and improve the look of your yard. Kids can use their imaginations, be creative, and learn to be independent in these play areas. 

Look at all of your choices to make sure your child can play safely in their cubby and that it works for your family and yard. Not only are cubby houses fun, but they also make outdoor safety a priority for kids. This blog will talk about how they make kids safer by giving them a safe, protected place to play outside.


Even though they don’t take up much room, it’s important to find one that fits well in your backyard, gives you enough space for play, and lets your child and pet enjoy the yard without any problems. When choosing the size of cubby houses for sale, think about your child’s age and height.

Think about where you want to put the cubby house, whether it’s on your lawn or somewhere else. If you have a big property, like a farm with acres of space, you might want to get a bigger cubby with slides and monkey bars.

You can still find cubby houses with lots of room and fun features even in small living spaces like apartments or patio homes, though you might need to be careful about where you put them. Because people in Australia have different wants and spaces, cubbies come in sizes from 1.7m x 1.8m to 2.4m x 2.4m.

Choosing Between a Cottage or an Elevated

When choosing between the cottage and the raised cubby houses, you should think about the height. Think about how old your kids are, what kind of style you like, and any extra features that you might want.

Because they are on the ground and don’t have any steps, cottages are great for younger kids or kids who don’t want to play on swings or monkey bars.

But elevated cubby houses can be changed more, come with more features, and last longer, so they’re better for bigger and more active kids.

Also, elevated shapes let water drain quickly, so there are no leaks after summer rains. A lot of kids like the higher structure because it feels like a treehouse and it’s easy to add rock climbing walls and slides to it.

Personalizing Your Cubby House

Check out the different ways you can change your cubby house to make a one-of-a-kind outdoor play area for your child.

If you like doing things yourself and being creative, a cubby house can be customized to fit your needs. It’s easy to paint and design to match your style because the frames are made of plain wood.

You can also add features to the inside of the cubby house, like a service bar, stools, a club lounge, educational toys, a kitchenette, activity tables, and more. This will turn it into a space that is unique and comfortable for your child, not just a place to play.

Choosing the Right Cubby House Material

Wood: Classic and Customizable

Wooden cubby houses offer a classic and customizable option for outdoor play spaces, allowing for painting and a homely appearance.

Plastic: Practical and Versatile

Plastic cubby houses provide a practical and versatile alternative, with easy assembly and resistance to decay, although they may deform in hot weather.

Cubby Houses: Fostering Creativity and Social Play

Cubby houses are a great way to help kids improve their social skills, imagination, and ability to solve problems. They’re also a lot of fun for kids to play with their siblings and friends. We live in a digital world, so seeing kids use their imaginations and talents to build their worlds in a cubby house is very satisfying.