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Save Hugely on Raw Materials with SZWIREDIE Nano Dies

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Unlike the tungsten carbide wire dies, nano dies extend die life 10 times stronger. They are currently the most preferred dies for cable stranding, bunching compacting wire drawing, and tube drawing. It is the most used dies in electrical transmission and there is hardly any wear and tear in the long run thereby helping clients cut down on raw material costs drastically. The results are most significantly seen with cable manufacturers for whom this has proven to be a boon. Another advantage of these dies is that they produce smoother surfaces, lower friction, and enhanced performance. Manufacturers also have flexibility while using the dies as they are available from 0.60mm to 120mm.

Nano die uses unique nanocrystalline diamond composite structures so that the result is a greater increase in productivity than what is achieved with traditional tooling. The dies have a wider diameter than the PCD and the surface finish is like a polished mirror. It also means that there is less friction giving a boost to smooth functioning. Manufacturers can provide guarantees for their products to their customers if these are done with the help of nanodiamond-coated dies in addition to a substantial increase in performance.

Varying Die Diameter for Various Functions

Different high-quality wire dies are available as per client specifications on the SZWIREDIE website. You may find Nano dies being used for certain functions with diameters ranging from 0,50mm to 40mm while for other specific functions, it is available on the above site from 0.60mm to 120mm. It is also seen that the die life of aluminum wire is over 30 times longer than the tungsten carbide die.

It is noteworthy that as a manufacturer you must discharge the die drawing according to the size and specifications and then verify whether the surface of the wire is good or not. If you find any anomalies you must report the matter immediately. It is also important that while using nano wire drawing dies you must ensure that there is enough lubrication on the surface of the wire and the more the better. It is always a prerequisite if the dies are damaged.

Nano Dies create new possibilities and in the area of cable compacting, there are many variables. The spread result is much wider than what you had planned and this can be a way to study and rectify it. The factors that cause the spread results may be variations in the dies, failure to change when wear occurs, variation due to resistivity of the raw materials, temperature variations, damage to the microstructure of the conductor, and variability in the performance of the compacting machinery.

Affordable Nano Dies and Customer Support

At SZWIREDIE you get the right kind of support and suggestions so that you can take your performance to new heights. The company’s wire drawing dies are of top quality and are available at competitive rates. They are also one of the largest distributors of Nano dies in the market with clients worldwide.

You can contact their customer service for other information and unique solutions to your problems.