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Save Money At The Pump – Track The Fuel Price at Tesco!

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For millions of drivers across the UK, filling up the tank is one of the biggest regular household expenses. With fuel prices constantly fluctuating, it’s crucial to stay informed about costs in order to budget effectively and identify the best value retailers. As one of the nation’s largest supermarket chains, the fuel price at Tesco can have a major impact on the weekly finances of many motorists.

What is the Current Fuel Price at Tesco? 

As of today,  the average price of a litre of petrol at Tesco forecourts is 137.9p. For diesel fuel, the current Tesco average price is 144.9p per litre across the UK.

It’s important to note that these are just average guideline prices. The fuel price at Tesco can vary considerably from one petrol station to another based on factors like location, nearby competition, operating costs, and fluctuations in demand and supply.

To get the latest updated fuel prices for specific Tesco petrol stations in your local area or anywhere else in the UK, it’s best to use a fuel price tracking resource like WhatPrice.co.uk.  Their listings for the fuel price at Tesco are refreshed regularly to show real-time costs.

Major Factors Influencing Fuel Prices

There are a number of key factors that cause fuel prices to fluctuate so frequently, including:

  • Crude Oil Costs – Approximately 60% of the pump price relates to the costs of crude oil itself on global commodity markets. When crude prices rise due to supply constraints, increased demand, or geopolitical tensions, it flows through to higher fuel costs.
  • Refining Costs & Margins – Getting crude oil refined into petrol, diesel, and other consumer fuel products also incurs significant costs that impact pricing.
  • Fuel Duty & Taxes – Around 45% of petrol prices and 40% for diesel comes from fuel duty taxes imposed by the government, which can change at any time.
  • Value of the Pound – If the Pound weakens against the US Dollar (the standard currency for oil trades), it makes the import of crude oil more expensive for refineries who pass those costs onto retailers and consumers.
  • Operating Costs – The running costs for petrol stations like staff wages, rent, maintenance, and other overheads also factor into their pricing models and profit margins.

Why Monitoring the Fuel Price at Tesco Matters

With fuel being one of the biggest household expenditures for many people, paying attention to pricing trends and comparing costs across different retailers is crucial.

Here are some of the key reasons:

  • Household Budgeting – Large fluctuations in fuel prices can strain domestic budgets, so being aware of costs is vital for effective financial planning.
  • Business Operating Costs – For companies operating vehicle fleets like taxis, delivery vans, and trucks, fuel is one of their biggest overheads impacting profitability.
  • Cost of Living – As an essential commodity, rising fuel costs drive up transportation costs that are passed onto consumers through higher prices for goods and services.

While individual motorists can’t directly control fuel pricing, being an informed consumer allows you to identify the lowest costs in your area and adjust your budgets, routes, or driving habits accordingly to minimise expenses.

By monitoring fuel price trackers and comparing the fuel price at Tesco with other major retailers like Sainsbury’s, Asda, and independent forecourts, you can ensure you’re always filling up at the most affordable locations. Over the course of a year, those minor savings really add up.