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Seasonal Tree Care Tips from MM Bronx Tree Service Professionals

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Proper tree care can be sustained throughout the seasons to keep your landscape vibrant and beautiful. In New York, with the varying seasons, your tree care practice should be different to accommodate different climate changes. At 1533 Kennellworth Pl, Bronx, NY 10465, MM Bronx Tree Service, Inc., you will get expert advice and services to ensure you leave your trees vigorous and strong with the changing seasons. Here is an elaborate guide to take you through tree maintenance from spring, summer, fall, and winter.

Spring Tree Care

Spring is all about growth and renewal—a perfect time for preparing trees for the months ahead. 

So here are a few tips to care for your trees:

  • Inspection: Keen inspection is very important after the rough winter to detect the damaged part of the tree. MM Bronx Tree Service will provide a good tree inspection to check issues brought by the winter storms, freezing temperatures, among others.


  • Pruning: This is best done in the spring. Cut down all of the dead wood or damaged limbs to encourage new growth and help get air flowing through the limbs. Use tree-trimming services to sculpt your trees and make them look even more beautiful.


  • Mulching: It keeps the moisture of the soil and suppresses weeds. MM Bronx Tree Service advises that mulch should be put around the tree’s base but not to touch the trunk of the tree.


  • Fertilization: Trees require nutrients to fuel their growth in spring. A custom-made fertilization program for your property can provide the required nutrients for the trees and improve the health and vigor of your trees.

Summer Tree Care

Summer, especially, could be hot and moist or warm, but it has particular adversities, such as high temperatures and the possibility of drought. To help your trees thrive under these hot months, consider the following:

  • Watering: Young trees especially need regular watering. Trees like deep watering to get to the roots and encourage healthy growth. Consult MM Bronx Tree Service for the best tree service in watering practices.


  • Pest and Disease Management: Warm conditions can aggravate the pest and disease activities that the trees are affected by. Proper monitoring and timely interventions can keep the trees healthy. MM Bronx Tree Service has many cost-effective tree service treatments to control pests and diseases.


  • Protection from the Sun: Young trees need protection from direct sun. Consider a strategic planting or temporary shading solution for protection against heat stress.

Autumn Tree Care

Fall is a time to ready the trees for the colder months that follow. This is how you can make sure your trees are prepared well.

  • Pruning: This service is intended for the removal of dead branches with the prevention of winter destruction from the snow and wind. Tree trimming by MM Bronx Tree Service is the best way to ensure the longevity and health of your trees.


  • Planting: Fall is typically a great time for planting new trees since the cooler temperatures encourage root growth before the ground freezes.


  • Health Assessment: This is a good opportunity to check how the trees are doing before minor problems escalate over the winter. MM Bronx Tree Service offers discounted cutting and removal services for trees to enable efficient and affordable management of tree care needs.

Winter Tree Care

Most winter care for trees simply involves protecting and preparing them for the spring. Suggestions include:

Wrap In order to prevent frost and sun scalding of young trees, it’s possible to wrap their trunks. Some materials, like burlap, provide just the right level of protection against the harsh winter weather.

  • Pruning: Trees are in a dormancy period, making this the right time to conduct major pruning work without causing stress to the trees. It also helps in preventing damage from snow and ice accumulation.


  • Regular Inspection: Stay alert and watch out during the winter for any sign of stress or damage, and for emergency services, call MM Bronx Tree Service.

MM Bronx Tree Service is always ready to serve you in every season at (347) 697-1600. If you’re in need of the best discount tree service or just want advice on tree care in your area, we have the knowledge and experience to really make your landscaping a source of pride and joy. Mind you, appropriate seasonal care doesn’t just enhance the beauty of your property but also ensures the health and longevity of your trees.

Giving your tree the care it deserves means professional, reliable, and affordable solutions designed specifically for your landscape in Bronx, NY, and its environs. Do not hesitate to contact MM Bronx Tree Service at (347) 697-1600 for more information and booking of service.