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Sergey Tokarev invites Ukrainian AI experts to join a tech event

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Sergey Tokarev and AI House announced that in the wonderful city of Lviv, Ukraine, an incomparable camp will be organized by AI HOUSE, the country’s leading society dedicated to artificial intelligence. The event, scheduled for the period from 11 to 15 September, will be held offline.

Roosh co-founder Sergey Tokarev presented this exciting news on Facebook. A prolific IT entrepreneur and collaborator who co-created the successful technology firm ROOSH, which includes AI HOUSE, the hub of this AI community.

Those who are fond of artificial intelligence but do not have a specific technical education can join the AI HOUSE Camp. The organizers of this event will be happy to meet a variety of participants and strive to create teams with different specializations.

According to information from Sergey Tokarev, the organizers are happy to extend an invitation to a wide range of potential participants, providing an opportunity to gather in groups that include engineers, marketing and project management specialists. Even if the participants are not inherently technical, they can still join this event.

The selection process for the event involves the selection of just 35 candidates based on their experience and innovative ideas. The next step after the selection will be to unite the participants into seven teams, each of which will develop its original concept. Experienced mentors will be available to provide guidance and support to each team.

For those who have not yet managed to assemble their team, there is a great opportunity to join existing groups during the event. Otherwise, there will always be like-minded people with similar interests and goals, which makes the process of rapprochement even easier and more enjoyable.

Sergey Tokarev also noted that at the end of the Camp, participants will be required to submit a technical concept, demonstrating their innovative ideas and technical literacy. Those teams that manage to demonstrate the best results and stand out from the rest will receive valuable prizes provided by our valuable partners.

Those ideas that prove especially successful will be considered with special attention. These will be closely scrutinized in the ROOSH technology environment to determine their potential for further investment and scaling. This will provide an excellent platform for those who seek to bring their innovative ideas to life through practical projects.

The start of AI HOUSE Camp 2023 is an important event, which is an important step towards achieving the main goal of our mission—to stimulate the creation of new companies specializing in artificial intelligence and the active development of AI in Ukraine. The mission is to bring together AI and machine learning enthusiasts from around the country with experienced mentors to co-create and develop innovative generative AI solutions and realize visionary ideas that shape the future.

AI HOUSE, a non-profit program to create an important community in the field of artificial intelligence in Ukraine, takes on the role of organizer of this event. The main goal of this initiative is to support and encourage new start-ups related to artificial intelligence, as well as to promote the progress of the entire AI industry and the technology sector in the country.

Among the key partners of this event stands out the company ROOSH, which plays an important role in its implementation.

In addition, it is worth noting the partnership with the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the Ukrainian Catholic University and SQUAD, one of the leading research centers in Ukraine. These organizations also played a significant role in this event and contributed to its successful implementation.