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Serhii Tokarev: Ukraine Can Become a Global Platform for Testing AI Technologies

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The AI Safety Summit, the world’s largest conference dedicated to regulating the field of Artificial Intelligence, took place in London this November. Top officials from 28 countries and representatives of leading AI companies attended the event. Since Artificial Intelligence came up and showed unexpected progress, the world started to dive into discussions about data safety and its regulations. Serhii Tokarev, co-founder and partner of the technology company Roosh, shared the results of the Summit.

At the Summit, the participants agreed to conduct safety testing on advanced AI models. The United Kingdom announced the establishment of the AI Safety Institute, which will address the safety issues of AI in the interest of society. Serhii Tokarev adds that a similar trend can be extended outside Europe. The entrepreneur thinks that such a decision will slow down the overall development of technologies.

“Firstly, all discussions regarding the field of artificial intelligence take place between government representatives and AI giants. This means that large companies, such as Meta or OpenAI, can dictate their own terms and, as a result, strengthen their positions in the market. This complicates the environment for small startups and slows down the overall development of technologies. It’s not regulation; it’s a hindrance,” stated Tokarev.

The investor highlighted that U.S. President Joe Biden has already issued an order in which the companies involved in AI development must inform the federal government about model training and share the safety testing results. Here, Serhii Tokarev shared his perspectives and probably expected issues.

“Secondly, the current debates about AI are focused on highly unlikely scenarios. Can AI revolt against humanity? Will there be the end of civilization due to artificial intelligence? If it does happen (which I doubt), it won’t be anytime soon. However, the panic surrounding a phantom future distracts from real threats that are already in front of us—such as the use of deep fakes on the eve of the U.S. presidential elections,” commented the entrepreneur.

Serhii Tokarev suggests accepting AI as a way to save humanity rather than destroy We can program and predict the behavior of technology, unlike the behavior of people.

“I propose to view AI not as Artificial Intelligence but as Augmented Intelligence. It cannot replace human intelligence, but it can enhance and complement it. Thanks to technology, we can make our work much more efficient: delegate all monotonous and routine tasks to AI and focus on more creative endeavors,”noted Tokarev.

In Ukraine, Artificial Intelligence is actively used. Serhii Tokarev exemplifies the application of ClearView AI facial recognition system. The technology has access to ten billion photos from social networks and is used at checkpoints and, for example, to identify war criminals from russia.

“Today, as more countries impose restrictions on technology development, we can become a global platform for testing technologies of major companies working in the field of Artificial Intelligence,” underlined Tokarev