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Seven Sirius Benjamin – A Promising Emerging Star and Son of Andre 3000

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Being a child of famous parents comes with its challenges, and Seven Sirius Benjamin is one such celebrity kid who faces constant media scrutiny about his personal life. Seven is the son of hip-hop legend Andre 3000 and renowned songwriter Erykah Badu. He doesn’t share much on social media, which piques people’s curiosity about his life. He prefers to stay away from the glitz and glamor, but the paparazzi still try to capture every moment of Seven Sirius Benjamin.

Growing up in the shadow of successful parents can be tough, and Seven Sirius Benjamin likely feels this pressure. He bears a strong resemblance to his father, often being mistaken for his exact twin. While many celebrity parents hope their children will follow in their footsteps, people asked Andre if Seven would pursue a hip-hop career. Andre’s response was that Seven Sirius Benjamin will choose what makes him comfortable, and he will forge his own path. If you’re interested in how he handles public attention and his life story, our article has all the details you need.

Seven Sirius Benjamin Biography

Seven Sirius Benjamin was born in Texas on November 18th, 1997. His parents, Andree and Badu, are well-known in the music industry. Andree is a songwriter, hip-hop artist, rapper, singer, and producer, while Badu is a popular singer and actress. Both of them have made many albums during their careers. Seven’s grandmother, Sharon, was a single mother who worked in real estate, and his grandfather was an agent. Unfortunately, both of his grandparents passed away in 2013 and 2014. Despite being an only child, Seven has two step-siblings named Puma and Mars. He grew up in Texas and, according to his mother, he pursued a college education in botany.

Seven Sirius Benjamin Parents Were Not Sure Having Him

When Badu became pregnant with Andre’s child, they had to make a tough decision. Both of them were very successful in their careers at that time. Andre 3000 once shared with The New Yorker, “Erykah and I actually had to sit down and decide whether we were going to have this child.”

Despite their situation, the couple chose to have their first child and continued with their musical tour. Although his parents are no longer together, they still have a strong connection with him. He shares a close bond with both of them. You can often see him on his mother’s Instagram account since he doesn’t have his own.

Seven Sirius Benjamin Age, Height, Weight

As we mentioned before, Seven Sirius Benjamin was born on November 18, 1997, which means he is 25 years old now. He has a regular height and body weight.

But there isn’t much detail available about how Seven Sirius Benjamin looks. Like we said earlier, he likes to stay out of the spotlight and avoid being in public view.

Seven Sirius Benjamin’s Parents

Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu, originally named Erica Abi Wright, is a 51-year-old star and the mother of 24-year-old Seven Sirius Benjamin. She’s a singer, songwriter, producer, and actress.

Sometimes, people call Erykah Badu the “Queen of Neo Soul.” Her music journey started when she opened for D’Angelo in Texas in 1994. Her first album, Baduizm, came out in 1997 and became certified triple Platinum. She’s famous for her unique voice and distinctive, iconic style.

Back in 1995, Erykah began dating Andre 3000. They welcomed Seven in 1997 and, although they went their separate ways in 1999, they still have a friendly relationship. In an interview, Erykah even referred to Andre 3000 as one of her best friends. 

In 2014, Erykah Badu traced her ancestry and discovered her maternal roots are a blend of West and Central Africa. Apart from Seven Sirius Benjamin, she’s a mother to two other children.

Andre 3000

The well-known rapper Andre Lauren Benjamin, also known as Andre 3000, is Seven Sirius Benjamin’s dad. He’s not just a rapper, but also a singer, songwriter, producer, and actor.

It’s clear that Andre and Erykah Badu share similar career interests. They’re also both vegans and have been active in advocating for animal rights for quite a while. However, Andre shared in 2014 that he’s no longer a vegan, explaining, “I was a hardcore vegan for 15 years. I’ve even done raw. But socially, it became tough. I was just sitting at home eating a salad. You become mean. That’s not good for you.”

Born on May 27, 1975, in Atlanta, Georgia, Andre 3000 grew up with a father who worked in collections and a mother who was a real estate agent. He appears to have a close bond with his son, often noted for their striking resemblance.

Andre 3000 is most famous for being part of the hip-hop duo Outkast, alongside rapper Big Boi. The two met during high school and formed Outkast. Their debut album, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, released in 1994, achieved platinum status. Outkast was even named Best New Rap Group of the Year at the 1995 Source Awards.


Seven Sirius Benjamin is the only child of Andre 3000. Yet, he has two younger step-siblings from his mom’s relationships with different men.

Erykah Badu’s second child is Puma Sabti Curry. She arrived about six years after Seven Sirius Benjamin. Even though we don’t see much on social media, it’s clear they share a close bond. In 2019, Erykah proudly posted a video of Puma singing at a school talent show. The clip was so impressive that Alicia Keys even shared it on TikTok. It’s safe to say that talent definitely runs in the family.

Seven Sirius Benjamin also has another step-sibling named Mars, born in 2009. Mars isn’t as widely recognized as the older siblings, but we’ve caught glimpses of her in a few photos on her mom’s Instagram.

Seven Sirius Benjamin’s Personal Life

During his early years, Steven was homeschooled until he entered first grade. At 19 years old, his mom proudly tweeted about him being accepted into four colleges.

The specific names of these colleges remain unknown, though Erykah did mention that he pursued Botany at an undisclosed American college. That’s the extent of our knowledge about his education.

Seven Sirius Benjamin doesn’t have a significant presence on social media. Nonetheless, we do catch glimpses of him now and then, thanks to his parents’ posts. For instance, his mother once shared a video of him driving alongside her while enjoying a Lil Yachty song. On another occasion, she posted a Father’s Day picture featuring herself, Andre 3000, and Seven.

Is Seven Sirius Benjamin Following His Parents’ Path?

Back in 2016, Erykah happily tweeted about Seven Benjamin’s acceptance into four colleges. Then, in another tweet from Erykah in 2019, it was revealed that Seven is studying Psychology and Botany. This might surprise many for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, Seven Benjamin is the child of two legendary musicians. Both Erykah Badu and Andre 3000 are celebrated artists in R&B and Hip Hop. Secondly, Andre 3000 himself praised Seven’s musical abilities, calling him a talented rapper and lyricist. So, the public might have assumed that Seven would naturally choose to follow in his parents’ musical footsteps. However, just because Seven is focusing on other subjects in college for now doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t eventually step into the music industry.

Regardless of whether he chooses to pursue music professionally, Andre once offered this advice: “Just put it out. If people like it, then people like it, and you can reveal it whenever you want. He might already have songs out that you all listen to without even realizing.” This suggests that Seven might indeed be interested in the music world, but he might be hesitant to share his music publicly and face judgment.

Seven Sirius Benjamin’s Wealth

Given his famous parents, many might be curious about Seven Benjamin’s net worth. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information available about Seven’s own net worth. However, we do have details about his parents’ wealth.

Andre 3000 has a net worth of approximately $35 million, and Erykah Badu’s net worth is estimated to be over $10 million. With such a well-off family background, it’s reasonable to assume that Seven Benjamin will inherit a significant net worth when his parents eventually pass on their wealth to him.