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Size Matters: How to Select the Ideal Light Pole Banner Size

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When it comes to community engagement and visual impact, light pole banners provide an effective a tool for businesses, schools, and public works organizations seeking to leave a lasting impression. Choosing the right size for your street pole banners is a critical decision that can really influence the effectiveness and cost of reaching the community with your message. This article will guide you through the process of selecting the optimal size light pole banner.

Understanding Light Pole Banners

A light pole banner is a effective and visually appealing form of outdoor signage designed to be affixed to street light poles or other vertical structures. Typically made from durable materials such as vinyl or polyester canvass, these street pole banners serve as a way for conveying messages, promoting events, or showcasing your business branding in public spaces using existing light poles.

Eye Catching Messaging to the Community

Light pole banners are not only eye-catching but also capitalize on existing infrastructure, transforming ordinary street poles into vibrant displays that capture the attention of pedestrians and motorists alike. Often utilized by businesses, schools, and public groups, these street pole banners contribute to the overall aesthetic and identity of a community while providing a cost-effective means of communication.

Light Pole Banners are versatile, easily tailorable, and can be an integral part of community engagement. Light pole banners help groups make a distinct visual impact in urban or suburban settings.

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Light Pole Banner Size

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding right size light pole banner. Below you will find an rundown of some of the details you need to focus on when choosing a size for your pole banners.

Urban vs. Suburban Settings

Understanding the unique qualities of urban and suburban environments is crucial when selecting the appropriate size for light pole banners. In urban settings, where buildings and competing visuals abound, choosing a size that stands out amidst the hustle and bustle becomes imperative. In contrast, suburban settings may allow for larger pole banners to be more easily noticed against a less dense backdrop.

Traffic Patterns and Pedestrian Visibility

Examining the flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic is paramount. For businesses situated along busy streets or intersections, smaller but impactful light pole banners may be preferred to capture the attention of passing drivers. In areas with heavy foot traffic, ensuring that the street pole banners are at eye level and easily readable becomes a priority.

Tailoring size to the intended message and visual impact

Tailoring the size of light pole banners to the specific message and visual impact desired is a critical aspect of effective communication. For concise messages or logos with intricate details, a larger size may be necessary to maintain clarity and visibility from a distance. Conversely, smaller banners may be suitable for straightforward messages or when a subtler visual impact is desired.

Importance of double-sided street pole banners for maximum exposure

Utilizing double-sided pole banners enhances visibility and exposure by effectively capturing attention from both sides. This is particularly beneficial in locations with traffic flowing in multiple directions. Double-sided light pole banners provide a 360-degree advertising space, maximizing the chances of conveying the message to a broader audience.

Balancing size and readability for effective communication

Achieving the right balance between the size of the light pole banner and ease of reading is essential for effective communication. Selecting a banner size that accommodates the intended message without overwhelming the viewer ensures that the information is easily read.

Consideration should be given to font size, color contrast, and overall design to maintain readability, especially from various viewing distances. Striking a balance ensures that the light pole banners effectively convey their messages to the target audience in a clear and impactful manner.

Practical Tips for Selecting the Right Size

Below are some handy tips to help you decide a size for your street pole banners. None of these are “must do”, but following any that apply to your situation can simplify the whole process of ordering.

Site Survey

Conducting a site survey to assess light pole locations and available space. Take pictures and try to have a mock up of your design created can also help you choose a design and size that fits the area you will be advertising in.

Pole Pocket Considerations

When choosing a pole banner size, be sure to allow for the pole pockets on the pole banner. Standard poler pocket size is 2″ top and bottom. Be sure to keep any lettering out of these pole pockets.

Follow Local Regulations

Check local regulations – Most cities or towns will have some type of guidelines that govern the use of light pole banners, especially in the downtown areas. In some cases a permit may be required as well.

Pole Banner Hardware

Pole banner hardware is available in several standard widths like 18″, 24″, 30″, and 36″. This makes choosing the width of your pole banner fairly easy. The length of street pole banners can be a custom size as the hardware adjust up or down on the light pole.

Adjustable hardware bands allow easy installation that allows you to adjust the height of your light pole banners. If you are planning on double sided hardware, be sure that you have confirmed you have sufficient room when you do your site survey.

If you choose to use Double sided hardware, make sure you have ample space for this type of banner hardware. Double sided hardware is commonly used in parking lots.

Pole Banner Design and Size

When choosing a size for light pole banners, artwork can play a key role is choosing a size for light pole banners. It is best to start out choosing your design first , rather than design your banner to fit a certain size hardware. So whether you design the full color pole banner yourself or go with design services, it is important to create effective artwork with the light pole banner size you choose.

Text Size

You will need to decide on an effective text size for your artwork. Establish the maximum distance you expect the pole banner to be viewed from. Once you have established the viewing distance, use a letter visibility chart as a guideline to make sure people can read your full color light pole banners. You will also want to keep any lettering out of the 2″ pole pocket previously discussed.

Pole Banner Size & Weather

Weather conditions like wind can have an effect on choosing a size for your customized light pole banners. In areas with above average wind, you may want to go with a smaller size banner.

Light Pole Banner Material

Light pole Banners are usually made of vinyl banner material or fabric. With vinyl banners being much heavier, you may want to choose fabric street pole banners for larger pole banners.


Here is a quick checklist of suggestions for choosing the right street pole banner size.

  • Site Survey – Know the areas and space you have to work with before deciding a banner size. Knowing wind conditions and traffic info can really help with choosing a pole banner size.

  • When designing Artwork – Remember that there are 2″ pole pockets top and bottom. Be sure to keep text out of these areas and size banner accordingly.

  • Choose a street pole banner size that accommodates the size of text you need to reach your audience. Be sure to use a text visibility chart when designing your light pole banner.

  • Understand and choose one of the standard hardware widths 18″, 24″ 30″ or 36″. Remember length can be customized, but the widths are set as stated.

  • On really large light pole banners, you may want to avoid vinyl banners and choose a lighter option like polyester canvass.

As you can see there is a number of things to consider when determining what size light pole banner you will need. A site survey and careful planning can make sure your pole banner campaign is a success.