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Smartest Resume Building Statistics to follow to get the competitive advantage

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Since the competition in the job application field is high these days, there is a necessity to follow the essential resume-writing tips while keeping in mind the statistics that will help one build an effective resume for the job. So here, have a look at the Resume Statistics for 2023 that will be beneficial for you.

Well-prepared resume essential for advancing your job search

In the era of LinkedIn, AI tools, and online applications, there is a need to create a well-prepared resume to advance your job search. Often, to get the objective fulfilled, people take into consideration the Resume writing services in India. As per the remarks of the experienced teams, there are a few considerations that will help a candidate shine brighter. Regardless of your objective, seeking top talent, or looking forward to making a lasting impact with a job application, there is a need to have a look at the in-depth research regarding key resume statistics of 2023. In that case, there is a consideration of the important aspects like the best resume format, including how recruiters behave and other factors impacting hiring decisions.

  • Recruiters prioritize two-page resumes.

70% of recruiters prefer a two-page resume with a green check mark beside it over a one-page resume. A study involving a hiring simulation of 482 professionals reveals that recruiters are 2.3 times (or 70%) prefer someone who submits a two-page resume over someone presenting a one-page resume even when both the candidates hold similar qualifications. They take into consideration this factor even more when hiring for more senior positions, favoring two-page resumes for experienced professionals. Strong candidates with more experience write two-page resumes that draw the attention of hiring managers and develop a subconscious link between strong candidates and longer resumes.

  • Resumes include one or more action-oriented phrases.

One of the facts that’s worth noting in the case of resume trends of 2023 is that 93% of all resumes list at least one action-based word or phrase. There is a huge power of impactful, purpose-driven language, including action verbs and power words, helping job seekers highlight the ability to deliver results. Also a survey regarding this point revealed that 33.5% of resumes met the criteria for the ideal range of maximum impact, including adding between 10 and 20 action verbs.

  • Recruiters prefer resumes tailored to the open position.

Survey findings have also revealed that 63% of recruiters want applicants to customize resumes to meet the target job’s specific requirements and expectations. The point to be noted in this case is that the recruiters prioritize targeted resumes, specifically addressing more than half of the job posting’s requirements. So, there is a need to ensure customizing your resume for each application to secure that coveted interview.

  • Hiring managers spend very little time looking at a resume.

One of the most interesting facts to be noted regarding applying for a job using a resume in 2023 is that Nearly a quarter (24%) of hiring managers spend a minimum of six to a maximum of 30 seconds going through a resume to determine a candidate’s suitability. So, you need to be smart enough to have a fleeting timeframe and must show to the recruiting team that you hold the ability to leave a positive impression on your resume when it comes to moving forward in the hiring process.

  • Recruiters prefer resumes with a clear, simple layout.

One of the most modern trends worth not forgetting is that the recruitment team, as well as the hiring managers, always choose to pick resumes that have a clear, simple layout and can present the overview nicely at the top, with the utilization of the legible fonts. Recruiters notice resumes that use a clear and uncomplicated layout, easily readable resume fonts as well, and begin with a concise resume profile. 

In addition to that, the point you need to note here is that the applicant tracking systems (ATS) scan resumes for keywords and readability; in this regard, it is worth noting that in the case the resume design is visually appealing but lacks clarity, there might not be a possibility that the hiring manager will advance further in the hiring process.

  • Recruiters do not prefer resumes with excessive design.

An interesting fact to be noted regarding applying for a job with a resume in 2023 is that more than 40% of recruiters do not prioritize candidates with resumes with overly flashy design elements, including the ones that utilize multiple colors or graphics, a distracting background as well as hard-to-read fonts. In addition to that, the newest survey-based findings indicate that recruiters emphasize the importance of simplicity and readability, so it is highly essential for job seekers to focus on a clean, professional format that will be impactful, to the point, easy to navigate, and stand out.

Final say

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