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Social Media Is Driving Climate Change Awareness, Inspiring More People to Take Action

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As research shows, half of the world’s population uses social media these days, and while these platforms were once mainly used to stay in touch with friends, many users are taking advantage of them to advocate for change. Whether human rights or environmental change, you will see many people online – mostly millennials and GenZ – raising awareness on important issues in society.

Social media indeed has its downsides and can sometimes even be harmful to users, but it can also be a powerful tool for social good. Many people rely on social media as their main source of information and news, and businesses and users alike are taking advantage of this fact to mobilize action. Climate change is one of the most critical issues in today’s society, requiring everyone to understand their own impact and take action to reduce their carbon footprint. In recent years, more individuals have started to use social media to begin a conversation about climate change and encourage people to fight against it. One of the most notable campaigns is the one that Greta Thunberg started in 2018, known as Fridays for Future. The campaign gained significant attention, and thanks to it, the young Sweden girl gave a speech at the United Nations Climate Action Summit, which raised an alarm bell for everyone regarding the realities of climate change. There have also been many collaborations on social media between organizations and activists or artists who shared their efforts to encourage eco-friendly practices.

Social Media Influencers and Their Role in Driving Climate Change

In the social media era, influencers have the power to shape the opinions of those who follow them, acting like role models. Many of them are using social platforms to influence others to make sustainable choices and actively participate in climate activism. They act as educators, providing their followers with accurate information and valuable resources on climate change. Influencers empower others with knowledge by sharing infographics, informative videos, articles, and so on to highlight the causes and impact of climate change and offer solutions to it. They debunk myths and misconceptions surrounding the topic, paving the way for meaningful societal change. By participating in climate initiatives, social media influencers are inspiring others to make a difference in the world by considering their environmental impact.

We already mentioned Greta Thunberg, one of the most famous climate change influencers, but she is definitely not the only one. Josephine Becker ( aka @treesnpeace on Instagram) is also encouraging her followers to make small changes in their lifestyles that will have a big impact on the planet. So is Bea Johnson, an author and environmental activist who is providing people with valuable tips for reducing their home waste. We could go on and on talking about every climate activist, as many others are worth following on Instagram. However, this platform isn’t the only one where content on sustainability is shared. TikTok may be known for its videos with dances, but it is also used to educate people on topics like mental health, well-being, and environmental issues.

As one of the most popular social media platforms, TikTok allows everyone to tap into their creativity and entertain or inform people on essential aspects of the world. Many brands and influencers have grown their pages organically on the platform, while others have used this service to build a strong audience. To draw people’s attention on TikTok, it’s essential to create engaging videos on topics you’re passionate about. That’s what Taylor Bright (@sustainablecherub) does, who has dedicated her TikTok account to raising awareness on sustainable fashion, examining the behavior of some of the biggest brands and teaching her followers how to shop in an eco-friendly way. Given the effects of climate change on the world, social media influencers advocating for eco-friendly practices are indeed instrumental in driving noticeable action for the planet.

Sustainability Social Media Campaigns That Had a Strong Impact

Over the years, many sustainability campaigns have blown up social media – and they truly made a difference. For example, Ocean Bottle, a brand that aims to stop plastic pollution, harnessed TikTok’s potential in 2021, creating the #econfession campaign by encouraging people to share their sustainability slip-ups. The campaign’s purpose was to highlight that one doesn’t have to make perfect sustainability efforts – all that matters is to participate in combating climate change effects. Each time someone joined the campaign and posted the hashtag, ten plastic bottles were prevented from entering the ocean, ultimately helping the brand achieve its goal of protecting the sea from the effects of 80,000,000 kg of plastic that would end up in it.

Last Object has also launched several campaigns, including LastSwab, LastTissue, LastRound, LastMask ( created in response to the pandemic) and LastPad. All of these campaigns have had the same goal: to create reusable versions of items that can only be used once). LastSwab was incredibly successful, attracting many people who resonated with the message and helping the startup gain $700,000 within 20 minutes of the campaign’s launch.

Burt’s Bees, founded by Burt Shaviz and Roxanne Quimby, provides a range of personal care products consisting of 99% natural ingredients. Some of the company’s most successful campaigns include #BringBackTheBees, which took place on Twitter, encouraging users to omit their “b”s from their posts on the platform to raise awareness of the effects of the climate crisis on the bee population. #ChangeForNature campaign was also a popular campaign they created in collaboration with National Geographic, inviting people to change their habits with eco-friendly ones, focusing on water consumption, food waste, single-use plastics and animal products.

Of course, these are only a few examples of social media campaigns that made a difference on the planet and the world. Many other brands drew attention to the climate change problem, setting an example for all other businesses out there, as well as individuals.

You Also Have the Power to Create a More Sustainable World

Everyone who is active on social media can make a difference on the planet. You can contribute your efforts by engaging with content on sustainability on social media or by actively participating in campaigns, whether signing a petition or implementing eco-friendly habits in your life. Every action, no matter how minor, can play a role in creating a brighter and greener future.