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Step-By-Step Guide: How to Backup iPhone on PC

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While cloud solutions offer one method of backup. Many consumers like the stability and control that comes with connecting their iPhones to their PCs. You are not alone in wondering “how to backup iPhone to PC“.
It is a good practice to back up your iPhone on a regular basis, and you can migrate from iPhone to Windows PC for the following reasons:
✔ Protect data against loss. Backup your iPhone to your computer to avoid data loss from virus assaults or factory resets. iPhone Storage on Windows PC enables quick data recovery. 

✔ Save space. iPhones often have limited storage capacity for data, photographs, and movies. Backup your iPhone to an external disk or a PC to save up space.
✔ Transfer data from old to new iPhones. Once you have a new iPhone, you may back up your current one to your computer and then restore it to a new version of iPhone.
Fortunately, using the correct program to backup your iPhone to your PC is a simple process. This post will offer an iOS backup solution that allows you to selectively and completely transfer iPhone data to your PC.

How to Backup iPhone on PC via FoneTool

FoneTool is a top provider of unique mobile solutions for iOS devices. FoneTool has established itself as a great choice for iPhone users looking to better their data management performance by emphasizing its user-friendly interface and robust performance. Whether you’re backing up your device, transferring information, or enhancing its performance, FoneTool provides a complete package to fit your needs.
Why select FoneTool?
What distinguishes FoneTool from the official iCloud or iTunes?
No internet connection is required. Unlike iCloud, which requires an internet connection to backup or retrieve your files. FoneTool is available.
Full & Selective backup or restore. FoneTool allows for full backup and recovery of files and settings, as well as particular data types.

Fast backup and restore. FoneTool offers quicker backup and restoration speeds than iCloud or iTunes due to its independence from the cloud.
Widely compatible with iOS and Windows. FoneTool is more flexible than iCloud and iTunes, since it supports iOS, and Windows PCs.
User-friendly UI. FoneTool’s user-friendly interface makes backups and recoveries straightforward, even for those without technical understanding.
No storage restrictions or fees: Unlike iCloud, which offers limited free storage and charges for more capacity. FoneTool does not have any storage restrictions or costs. 

You can download this free software to backup iPhone from FoneTool’s official website. Then follow the steps below for a selective or full iPhone backup.

Selectively Backup iPhone to PC

The Selective Backup function in FoneTool allows you to select desired files such as photos, videos, music contacts, and texts to transfer information from your iPhone to your Windows PC.

Step 1. Select Selective Backup 

Connect your iPhone to your computer using a USB cable Start FoneTool. Click on the Phone Backup icon from the toolbar. Move the mouse to the Selective Backup option and click the Get Started button.

Step 2. Select files to backup

You can check each file type and view all files on your iPhone. Check the file you want to back up to your PC and click OK to confirm.

Step 3. Start the backup process

By clicking on the Backup Storage Path, you can select the target to save your backup file, any folder, external hard drive, USB, etc. are allowed. Finally, click Start Backup to start.

Backup everything from iPhone to PC

When you need to switch to a new iPhone or reset iPhone from a previous factory to fix some problems, FoneTool provides you with a Full Backup option that allows you to switch everything from iPhone to PC. 

Unlike iCloud or iTunes, FoneTool backups can be completed with just one click. This is a simple step to fully back up your iPhone to your PC.

Step 1. Select Full Backup
Connect your iPhone to PC via USB Choose Full Backup instead of the FoneTool phone security section.

Step 2. Start full backup
You can choose whether to encrypt your backup by opening the corresponding encryption button. Finally, click Start Backup to save everything from your iPhone to PC. 

How to check & update backup files
To restore backup:Connect your iPhone to PC > Go to Backup History in FoneTool > Find the backup file you are recovering and click on the Restore icon to restore the data. 


In conclusion, FoneTool has a comprehensive product suite designed to make the management of your iOS devices easier while focusing on user comfort and data security. With FoneTool, you can easily back up your iPhone to your PC. 

Even though the free features will be sufficient for you, you can still upgrade to premium some extra features. You can also use coupon codes or paypal gift cards for some discount. Make sure your valuable information is stored securely and can be easily recovered. Whether you are a professional business photographer or a random user, FoneTool is a reliable partner for all your iOS management needs.