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Strength of spirit and dedication to beliefs: five women who inspire me

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Outstanding women in history have always been embodiments of strength, intellect, and principle. Throughout different eras, battling stereotypes, they found the strength not only to leave their mark in the memories of millions but also to play a key role in shaping society, contributing to solving complex issues, and becoming epochal symbols. I highlight five extraordinary women whose example, actions, and deeds have been a source of inspiration on my journey of becoming.

Simone Veil

It’s hard to overstate the significance of Simone Veil – a symbol of the struggle for women’s rights and social justice. Her influence on the global political arena, particularly in France, can confidently be termed monumental. It’s impossible not to note her unwavering faith in justice and resilience, which she had to fortify throughout her challenging life journey.

If you seek a synonym for “justice” in its most accurate interpretation, Simone Veil’s name readily comes to mind.

Born in Paris in 1927, she showed a heightened interest in justice and human rights from a young age. Educated at the Jewish High School and the Institute of Political Studies in Paris, it laid the foundation for her future dedication to enlightenment and activism.

Why else does she inspire? Simone Veil built a brilliant career in politics while dedicating no less time, attention, and energy to the fight for women’s rights and social justice. Her initial steps in this direction were linked to active participation in the women’s rights movement in France.

However, the real trial for Veil came with her appointment as a Minister in the French government. In this role, she worked actively to improve the level of education and combat discrimination in all its forms. Particularly defining for her was the authorship of a bill that legalized abortion in France – the law came into effect on January 17, 1975. Her struggle for justice and tolerance faced enormous resistance from conservative forces, yet this didn’t deter her from moving forward to enact her beliefs.

So, what is the phenomenon of Simone Veil? She not only fought but also unwaveringly believed in what she fought for. Her uncompromising approach to combating social inequality and discrimination impresses and inspires. This woman is a symbol of true freedom of thought and the thirst for victory.

Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher, known worldwide as the “Iron Lady,” is an extraordinary figure not only in the political history of Great Britain but also for the entire world. Her courage and determination in making decisions that were not always popular have always been a source of inspiration for me. She faced criticism and obstacles, yet she never strayed from the path she had chosen, repeatedly proving to both friends and foes that a woman can achieve great heights in the fields of politics and governance. Her name is immediately associated with strength, confidence, and greatness.

The call of destiny touched Margaret Thatcher in her childhood when she began to show a deep interest in politics and economics. Her refined education and stubbornness helped her secure a place in parliament and start her political career. Just look at the archive photos: Mrs. Thatcher – with a stern and confident gaze amidst men who lacked the talent, knowledge, and skills to challenge the Iron Lady.

Throughout her career, Margaret Thatcher was characterized by unwavering commitment to her ideals and conviction in the rightness of her actions. She fought against abuse of power and bureaucracy, implementing reforms that changed the face of Great Britain.

One of the key moments in Thatcher’s political career was her election as Prime Minister of Great Britain in 1979. Under her leadership, the country underwent significant changes in the political, economic, and social spheres. She revived the economy, privatized state-owned enterprises, and advanced Great Britain on the international stage.

What do we primarily want to emulate from Mrs. Thatcher? Her indomitable spirit and self-belief. She never allowed herself to be broken even in the toughest times, during storms of criticism, and opposition actions. Moreover, such moments in her life acted contrary to what critics hoped for: the Iron Lady only strengthened her belief that she was on the right path.

Margaret Thatcher is a symbol of the strength and perseverance of a female leader who changes the world around her. She taught us that true leadership lies in the courage to stand by our convictions and the ability to make difficult decisions for the welfare of society.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt – an iconic figure in the fight for human rights and the voice of social change in the United States. Her passion for defending minority rights, fighting for social welfare, and equality makes her immortal. Roosevelt showed me that each of us has the ability to influence the world around us not because of circumstances, but in spite of them.

Her name is synonymous with fearlessness, humanism, and boundless love for people. She not only turned her passion into a calling but also became a symbol of social justice, emerging as one of the most influential women of the last century.

From an early age, Eleanor showed an interest in social issues and the problems of the poor and homeless, which later became the leitmotif of her lifelong struggle. Her upbringing in a family where humanistic values were actively supported became an integral factor in shaping her personality.

One of the turning points in Mrs. Roosevelt’s life was her role as First Lady during her husband Franklin Roosevelt’s presidency. Instead of confining herself to the role of the White House hostess, Eleanor chose the path of an active public figure and became the voice of those who had no voice.

Eleanor Roosevelt inspires with her uncompromising desire to achieve social justice and equality for all citizens, regardless of their status or race. She actively supported the women’s rights movement, fought against racial discrimination, and advocated for social assistance for the poor.

One of Eleanor Roosevelt’s most notable initiatives was her involvement in the creation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations in 1948. As the U.S. representative to the UN and chair of the Human Rights Commission, she played a key role in shaping and promoting this important document, which defined the basic principles of humanism and freedom for the whole world. In particular, she insisted that instead of the commonly accepted definition of a human being as “man,” the term “human” and “human beings” be used.

What makes Eleanor Roosevelt a woman who not only captivates but also inspires? It’s not just about her undoubtedly iconic political achievements, but also about her unstoppable energy and dedication to ideals – she genuinely believed in justice and equality for all, and this belief permeated every aspect of her life, ultimately changing the lives of millions for the better.

Sheikha Moza bint Nasser al-Missned

Sheikha Moza bint Nasser al-Missned, the emirate queen, is a symbol of modern leadership and innovative thinking. Her passionate support for education and cultural initiatives, her efforts to improve the lives of women and children, have made her one of the most influential figures in the world. Sheikha Moza taught me that leadership is not only about management but also about changing the world for the better through innovation and social initiatives.

Like Eleanor Roosevelt, her husband is a prominent figure in the world. But let’s be honest: can every First Lady become a role model for millions? No. That’s why Sheikha Moza bint Nasser al-Missned is a woman whose name is associated with elegance, strength, and a deep desire for progress. In the press, she is called by various names: the most stylish woman in the Arab world, a fashion icon, the gray cardinal of the Persian Gulf, the legendary woman of the East, a destroyer of stereotypes, and so on. But it’s hard to find even one headline that doesn’t express respect and admiration. She has turned herself into a brand of strength, elegance, and beauty that only enhances the image of the country she represents at the highest level of power.


From a young age, Sheikha Moza showed an interest in the development of education and culture, always emphasizing that the main contribution to development is quality education. Her unique approach to problems and her ability for innovative thinking have made her a key figure in Qatar’s and the region’s development as a whole. One of Sheikha Moza’s most well-known achievements is the creation and development of Education City – a unique educational complex that brings together the best universities in the world in one place. This innovative achievement in education aims to make Qatar a center of higher education and research for the whole world.

Throughout her career, Sheikha Moza actively supports initiatives for the development of culture, art, and sports. She has become a sponsor of many projects aimed at preserving and promoting Qatar’s and the region’s cultural heritage.

What makes Sheikha Moza bint Nasser al-Missned a source of inspiration? It’s not only her tremendous contribution to the development of education and culture but also her deep understanding of the needs of modern society and her ability to find innovative solutions.

Indira Gandhi

Indira Gandhi – a symbol of strength and resilience amidst political turbulence. Her leadership qualities and ability to navigate through complex situations have left an indelible mark on world history.

Her name is associated with extraordinary courage, dedication to principles, and an unwavering spirit in the fight for human rights and social justice. Her life journey and political career became embodiments of resilience, which changed the face of India and defined its place in global politics.

Indira Gandhi defined her life’s purpose as improving the living conditions of her compatriots, thereby changing the world around her. This extraordinary woman embodied a unique synthesis of determination and deep social commitment, which made her an unmatched leader during challenging times for India.

Indira Gandhi became the first female Prime Minister of India, and the second woman to hold such a high office. Under her leadership, India underwent significant changes in various spheres, including the economy, education, and social equality.

But it’s not just her brilliant political career that makes Indira Gandhi an example to follow. She was the voice of millions, she listened to and understood the people she sincerely wanted to help. It was her determination and acute sense of justice that led her to the pinnacle of power, making her an example for many women around the world. Her legacy remains a great source of inspiration for all of us.

These extraordinary women are just drops in the ocean of inspiration that continually deepens. Different eras, countries, and even continents, yet look how much they have in common. Their actions, principles, and fight for ideals will forever remain an integral part of my worldview and a source of my own strength. They are examples of how a woman can change everything around her if she believes in herself and her ideals, ultimately improving the lives of millions and altering the course of history.

Alona Lebedieva – Ukrainian businesswoman, owner of the diversified industrial and investment group of companies “Aurum Group”.