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Studio Graphene – Analytics From Day One is Crucial When Creating Apps

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You’ve decided to develop an app for your business and you can’t wait for launch day, an exciting time for a company of any size. You and your team have put so many hours into building this app that you think nothing can go wrong with it.

Sadly, this is rarely the case; tweaks and adjustments must be made along the way because there is bound to be something you didn’t account for, not to mention that the business world is dynamic and things change all the time. How do you know when updates are needed? The answer to this is analytics.

Don’t Get Left Behind

There isn’t a single successful app on the market that has been launched and hasn’t needed to be altered – this isn’t really possible to stay competitive. New players will enter your industry at any given time so you need to know what satisfies customers and what frustrates them.

There was a time when Instagram didn’t have Stories or Reels as features on their app but discovered that it would be a worthwhile move to integrate them into their product. Perhaps it was the threat of TikTok or Snapchat that instigated this change; the only real way to find out was through analytics.

While an app store indicates the download numbers for your app, this isn’t a useful piece of information a few months down the line because you have no idea how often they’re being used. A company can measure the frequency of use by taking on board the statistics that analytics provides.

No, an analytics tool won’t spell out exactly what steps a company should make, but it does provide a great deal of insight that makes future decisions informed. Rather than blindly guessing at the next move or basing it on a feeling, back it up with data instead. Ask Studio Graphene for more help with this.

Serves as a Warning

There’s no shame in getting a couple of things wrong during the development phase of the app, it’s unlikely any company has experienced a totally error-free app. However, harnessing the data that analytics provides can caution you against hiccups. If you’ve noticed that nobody is currently using a specific function of your app when, at this hour, it would normally be busy, this is reason enough to suspect a problem and look into it.

What’s the easiest way to address problems if (and when) they occur and track usage? Seasoned developers know that labelling and tagging each area of the app with a unique name and code is the simplest way to approach this. Rather than seeing the app’s data more broadly, you can get even greater insight from individual sections to see which perform better and are more popular.

Bear in mind that you won’t be able to see any of the analytics statistics from the past, it only shows you information from when you began keeping analytics records. Studio Graphene has a lot more insight to offer budding developers, which can be found on our website.