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Suffering from a Botched Weight Loss Surgery? Achieve Your Dream Body with Weight Loss Riga Revision Surgery

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In today’s society, our confidence often hinges on how we look. With social media bombarding us with flawless images, the pressure to achieve an ideal body can be overwhelming. But what happens when weight loss surgery doesn’t go as planned?

That’s where Weight Loss Riga steps in—a ray of hope for those seeking to reclaim their dream body. Specializing in cosmetic surgery and revisions, Weight Loss Riga understands the emotional toll of a botched surgery or lingering imperfections. Our experienced surgeons are dedicated to fixing physical flaws and restoring self-assurance. We provide personalized solutions tailored to each patient’s unique needs.

Embrace a brighter, more confident future with revision surgery at Weight Loss Riga.

What Weight Loss Riga Has to Offer

If you’re feeling hopeless after a failed weight loss surgery, don’t worry- there’s still hope yet! There’s many ways we can help get you back on track with your weight loss journey.

Help With Obesity-Related Health Conditions

Although achieving our dream body is sure to boost self-confidence, sometimes, the need for revision surgery goes deeper than looks. Here are just some of the health conditions weight loss surgery can help with:


  • High Blood Pressure: Losing weight thanks to bariatric surgery can reduce blood pressure levels, decreasing the risk of heart disease and strokes.


  • Sleep Apnea: Weight loss surgery can eventually reduce the amount of fat tissue around the neck and throat area, which can improve breathing during sleep.


  • High Cholesterol: Bariatric surgery can lead to improvements in cholesterol levels by promoting weight loss and improving overall metabolic health.

Revision Procedures

At Weight Loss Riga, we specialise in revision procedures, including:

1. Gastric Sleeve to Distal Bypass Surgery: This revision surgery involves converting a previous gastric sleeve procedure into a distal bypass surgery. Distal bypass surgery reroutes the digestive tract to bypass a larger portion of the small intestine, promoting further weight loss by limiting calorie absorption.

2. Gastric Band to Gastric Bypass Surgery: When gastric band surgery fails to produce desired results or leads to complications, people may opt for conversion to gastric bypass surgery. Gastric bypass surgery entails the formation of a small pouch at the upper part of the stomach, followed by rerouting of the digestive system to bypass a segment of the small intestine. This aids in achieving desired weight goals.

3. Gastric Bypass to Distal Bypass Surgery: In cases where gastric bypass surgery fails to achieve desired weight loss or complications arise, individuals may opt for conversion to distal bypass surgery. Distal bypass surgery modifies the digestive tract to bypass a larger portion of the small intestine, further limiting calorie absorption and promoting weight loss.

Excellent Aftercare

A key component in ensuring your bariatric surgery is successful is offering adequate aftercare, an area where some other clinics are lacking. Weight Loss Riga provides:

1. Personal Nutritionist: Following your revision surgery, our expert nutritionists will guide you through overcoming any dysfunctional eating patterns and offer customized dietary recommendations. With their assistance, you’ll gain invaluable skills crucial for successful weight loss and long-term weight management.

2. Psychotherapy Help: Get automatic access to a supportive community, helpful resources, and personal sessions with a therapist and nutritionist. Get the support and advice you need to tackle the mental and nutritional challenges of overcoming obesity and succeeding after surgery.

3. A Sense of Community: Our medical team remains by your side for five years post-treatment, ensuring you receive continuous support and guidance throughout your journey. You’ll also join a tight-knit community of fellow weight loss patients, where you can exchange insights, seek advice, and celebrate milestones together. Discover the power of solidarity and encouragement as you embark on your revision journey with Weight Loss Riga.

The Benefits of Latvia

By Choosing Weight Loss Riga for your revision surgery, you’re also choosing to be cared for in one of the most modern and comfortable facilities in Latvia. Not only that, but the success rates of bariatric surgery in Latvia are exceptional, with over 97% of surgeries going as planned without complications. When you look at these success rates, it’s no surprise that people trust Latvian clinics to fix their previously botched surgeries.

Don’t Give Up Hope- Get in Touch With Us Today!

At Weight Loss Riga, we understand how traumatising a failed bariatric surgery can be for the patient. That’s why we pride ourselves on providing the best care and support we can, in a positive environment where you’ll feel relaxed and at ease. With our world-class surgeons who are specially trained in revision surgery, you can be sure that this time around, your weight loss surgery is sure to be a success.