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Taurulus Capital Announces Record Growth and Strong Investor Relations in 2024

by Anamta bnn
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Taurulus Capital, a visionary investment firm, proudly announces a significant milestone of financial excellence and a client relationship-building journey. For 2024, the firm has achieved a remarkable quadrupling of its Assets Under Management (AUM), growing to mid-8 figures, with an impressive cross-investment average return of 36.4%. These are both record numbers for Taurulus Capital, setting a new standard in the investment industry. 

Since its inception in 2021, Taurulus Capital has focused on consolidating and deepening relationships with existing investors. This approach has paid off handsomely, as evidenced by the increased investments from our trusted clients at the start of 2024. “The last two years have been a critical proof of concept phase for us,” said Co-CEO Timm-Julian Egner. “Our success is not just in numbers but in the strong, enduring bonds we’ve formed with our investors, many of whom I now consider dear friends.” 

Co-CEO Thiago Gonçalves Miskiewicz adds, “Our journey has been about finding the right patterns and developing efficient algorithms. Seeing our team’s hard work and dedication come to fruition has been challenging but immensely rewarding.” 

The firm’s unconventional approach, focusing on staying under the radar of larger investment firms, has contributed significantly to its unique position in the market. Taurulus Capital has cultivated an exclusive and highly effective business model by deliberately limiting public exposure and relying on network-based client referrals. 

Reflecting on the firm’s origins and future vision, the Co-CEOs shared, “Starting as a school idea, we never dreamt of founding and building such a successful company. Our mission remains to be a profitable and reliable partner in wealth growth for select individuals and firms. By 2027, we aim to expand our client base while maintaining close, personal connections with each client.” 

Taurulus Capital’s journey is a testament to the power of dedicated mentorship, innovative strategies, and strong client relationships. “Navigating through the challenges at a young age would have been nearly impossible without the guidance of our exceptional mentor,” added Egner. As Taurulus Capital continues to evolve and grow, it remains committed to its core values of profitability, reliability, and personal connection, ensuring its clients and the firm’s stable and prosperous future.