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THCA Flower – Uses, Doses and Effects

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THCA is tetrahydrocannabinolic or Delta 9 THCA is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in cannabis and hemp plants. This is a kind of acidic precursor that exists in young and fresh cultivars. THCA does not include psychoactive contents until it is converted into THC through a heating process that also deals with non-enzymatic reactions. Take the opportunity to add https://www.drganja.com/thca-flower into your morning smoothies or you can put it in your homemade salad. This process is called decarboxylation which activates psychoactive elements of the cannabis plant.

The capacity of THCA to make people high

THCA does not include any psychoactive elements in natural form. Its molecular structure prevents THCA from holding the brain receptors that are responsible for creating a high feeling. Nevertheless, this happens only when THCA is taken raw, such as making a juice of young and fresh cannabis.

Difference between THCA and THC

THCA and THC are tetrahydrocannabinol elements with a fundamental molecular differentiation. THCA features a carboxylic acid unit on a benzene ring and THC does not have this. With this additional ring, THCA bears a 3D shape and a wide chemical structure that can’t hold the neural receptors to create psychoactive effects. 3D shape makes THCA a crystalline solid and THC remains in liquid form.

When THCA is converted into THC, the additional group is lost and it becomes an intoxicating element that users love. THC features a unique shape that can hold the brain receptors, immune system and the central nervous system. This neural reaction creates impacts on mental perception and leads to a feeling of cerebral creativity, euphoria and body-buzzing.

Converting THCA into THC

Delta 9 THC has cannabis and hemp plants in low profile and THCA has them in high levels before harvesting. THCA changes its form into THC viadecarboxylation. It is a natural process and the chemical reaction emits carbon dioxide from the molecular structure. Heat is used to decarboxylate THCA into THC. This is done during drying and storing THCA. Since heat is a natural catalyst, it ignites decarboxylation while cooking cannabis or smoking the plant. This chemical reaction converts all remaining THCA into THC.

Therapeutic effects of THCA

THCA is rich with many therapeutic effects and qualities of THC. However, the additional carboxy group in THCA creates many interactions with the body that that of THC. For example, THCA impacts more commonly when used with CBD. Research and studies state that THCA brings many health benefits and can be used for medical purposes. This includes:

  • Relief for appetite loss and nausea caused by cancer or eating disorders
  • It helps decrease pain and inflammation
  • Chronic pain and muscle spasms are reduced, especially for inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.
  • It slows down the development of cancer cells, particularly prostate cancer
  • It is good for brain health as it helps protect memory and coordination.
  • It works as a sleep aid for people suffering from insomnia.
  • It helps reduce spasms and seizures such as multiple sclerosis and epilepsy.

The THCA Flower

This flower is smokable hemp with around 25% high THCA levels and THC-compliant levels below 0.3%. It is similar to hemp in the view, but practically it works like marijuana because when you heat and smoke the plant, it converts the THCA elements into THC, which is responsible for the psychoactive experience. If you want to try the mind-affecting impacts of this flower version, then look for brands that offer safe and high-quality products.

Important THCA products

If you want to experience the therapeutic impacts and benefits of THCA without getting high, then consider taking cannabis or hemp flowers raw without heating them. You can add it to smoothies or sprinkle the flower over a salad. Raw THCA is extracted and integrated into green juices, oils and smoothies.

Consuming in edible form

THCA in edible form goes through heating while cooking and this process converts THCA into THC. Nevertheless, there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, cold beverages like raw cannabis juice contain THCA and do not convert into THC. You can find many DIY cannabis juice recipes on online platforms that you can try at home. Some companies even sell frozen raw cannabis juice cubes!

This includes pureeing and freezing cannabis leaves and flowers into frozen cubes. Hence, people can experience and enjoy the whole cannabis plant in their diet. These unheated cubes contain high CBDA and THCA levels that offer a non-psychoactive experience.

THCA extracts

Extracts of cannabis elements found in tinctures, oils and concentrate feature high levels of THC. Nevertheless, you can find THCA tinctures that make use of raw cannabis extract for therapeutic reasons. These extracts do not induce psychoactive effects.

Topical form of THCA

You can find THC and THCA extracts in topical products like lotions, creams and salves. These products are used to reduce localized pain, and inflammation and as part of skin care routine. Salves contain CBG, calendula, CBD and arnica in a psychoactive formula that penetrates muscles and joints. Topical is best in reducing exercise-related pain such as tennis elbow, runner’s knee, sore muscles and stiff joints.

Where can I get THCA?

Many products optimize the advantages of THCA and many brands are now making THCA-centric products to be used topically or for ingestion purposes. THCA-centric or infused products can be found in medical marijuana and recreational dispensaries. You can also find them in stores that are not more medical-centric. Look at online sources like directories and review sites to gather some reliable information about stores that sell THCA products. Customer reviews will help you choose the most suitable and health-beneficial THCA product. Comparison search will help you buy quality THCA products at affordable price rates.


THCA extracts in different forms offer many therapeutic effects and benefits to people if used in line with THC and CBD without psychoactive impacts. Dr. Ganja offers a wide range of products that contain THCA extracts from popular brands and manufacturers. Come and find your favorite THCA products from popular brands at unbeatable price rates.