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The 20 Best Dark Web Sites: Dark Web Links Worth Visiting – Darkweblink.com

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The Dark Web is a hidden part of the internet, distinct from the surface web accessible through search engines like Google. Due to its anonymity and privacy, it is attractive to people who are involved in illicit activities such as drug trafficking and gun trafficking. While not all websites on the Dark Web are criminal, some are banned and not indexed on Google due to their illicit nature. These websites can also be used for human trafficking, money laundering, and distributing child pornography.

Top 20 Dark Web Links You Must Visit At Least Once

Dark websites use onion links with a.onion domain, which are not registered with a central authority. Accessing these sites requires a different approach than traditional URLs. To know how to access the dark web, download and install an anonymous browser like Tor, also known as the “onion browser.” Tor allows users to search for any site on the dark web, similar to using a regular browser on the surface web.

1. Ahmia

Ahmia is a top dark web search engine. You can use it to search for helpful dark web websites. It can also be used to search for news, information and statistics on the dark web.

2. Comic Book Library

A comic book library is a website on the dark web where you can find thousands of comics from different genres and publications. You can also download them.

3. Dark Web Link

Dark Web Link is a platform providing verified and anti-phishing best onion links to various darknet websites. It offers real-time, actionable connections to new and old websites, platform information, darknet shops, darknet forums, darknet seller stores, deep web services and much more to keep you informed of what’s happening on the darknet.

4. DuckDuckGo

As one of the most well-known dark web search engines, DuckDuckGo provides a private, untracked, neutral, and unbiased alternative to Google.

5. Elude

Elude allows users to send and receive emails anonymously through webmail, requiring no signups, and sharing sensitive information and data in a dark web-based browser.

6. Facebook

Facebook maintains one of the onion tor links allowing anonymous accounts via the dark web, enabling access to censored locations and banned countries.

7. Galaxy3

Galaxy3 is a social network on the anonymized TOR network that lets people create profiles, chat, and share stuff anonymously. It’s popular with privacy-conscious people who don’t want to deal with government agencies or ads.

8. Haystak

Haystack indexes over 1.5 billion pages, without tracking users or collecting data for profit. Premium version offers more access and avoids ads.

9. Hidden Answers

Hidden Answers is a popular dark web platform offering complete anonymity for users to ask for advice, answer questions, and discuss various topics.

10. Keybase

Keybase is a secure Tor network messaging application that enables secure sharing of Tor network information, similar to popular messaging apps like Signal and WhatsApp.

11. Mail2Tor

Mail2Tor is a Tor Hidden Service that allows users to send and receive emails without revealing their identities, ensuring privacy and anonymity.

12. ProPublica

ProPublica, a Pulitzer Prize-winning news outlet, is now accessible on the dark web, promoting free speech and providing an alternative platform for non-profit investigative journalism.

13. Riseup

Riseup, a volunteer-operated email service, offers secure, non-logging, and anti-cyberattack measures, while also providing valuable information on information security enhancement.

14. Sci-Hub

Sci-Hub offers millions of scientific documents for those without expensive journals, but legality varies by country and region, so research and understand local regulations before using.

15. SecureDrop

SecureDrop is a secure platform used by journalists and sources to communicate anonymously, allowing them to receive sensitive information from whistleblowers without revealing their identities.

16. Smartmixer.io

Smartmixer.io is a blockchain-based tool that enables hidden cryptocurrency transactions, preventing easy tracking of transactions and preserving identity by mixing crypto with other coins.

17. The Hidden Wallet

The Hidden Wallet is a secure platform on the dark web where users can securely manage and engage in anonymous crypto trading, despite Bitcoin’s growing popularity.

18. The Hidden Wiki

The Hidden Wiki offers onion links to various dark websites, but caution is advised due to potential reliability and security issues.

19. Torch

Torch browser is a powerful tool for accessing hidden websites while maintaining anonymity by routing traffic through multiple nodes.

20. ZeroBin

ZeroBin is an encrypted communication service that enables anonymous, password-protected, and self-destructing messages using 256-bit AES encryption, making it a safe option for private information sharing.

Onion sites, a type of dark web sites with a ‘.onion’ domain extension, use Tor’s hidden services to conceal their location and ownership details. The dark web, despite its potential for illegal activities, is not inherently illegal, and accessing it without engaging in unlawful activities is permissible, but caution is advised.