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The 20 Best Dark Web Sites Worth Visiting (Including Links)

by Busines Newswire
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The deep web, a part of the internet not indexed by search engines, includes the dark web, which is located within layered proxy networks called darknets, with Tor being the largest. In this article, I will discuss the dark web links and top Tor sites.

Top 20 Best Onion Sites With Working Or Active Links

Even though the dark web is known for having illegal content and drug markets, there are actually some legit sites and services on the dark web, like .onion sites.

1. Ahmia

Ahmia, a dark web search engine founded by Juha Nurmi, is a list of hidden, “crawled” sites, including onion sites, which are added if their robots.txt file permits it and if not on their blacklist of abuse material.

2. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo, a privacy-focused search engine, is Tor Browser’s default and one of the best onion search engines, allowing users to search the normal internet without logging their search activity.

3. The Hidden Wiki

The dark web often relies on community-edited .onion Wikipedia, which contains Tor links to various services and sources. However, many are defunct or linked to scams or illegal activities.

4. Dark Web Link

With Dark Web Link, you can be sure you’re getting the most up-to-date, secure links to darknet sites and platforms, as well as markets, forums, seller shops, and other deepweb services that have been verified to be free from phishing attacks.

5. Archive Today

Founded in 2012, Archive.today stores website snapshots, tracks changes, preserves knowledge, and provides historical records of the web. It does not store dark web pages

6. ProPublica

ProPublica, the first Pulitzer-winning online publication, uses a .onion address, funding from the Sandler Foundation, promoting privacy and free speech through its .onion site.

7. The New York Times

The New York Times introduced its onion service in 2017 to enhance global accessibility of its journalism, providing secure access to content for users in countries with government censorship.

8. Facebook Social Media Platform

Facebook’s controversial clear-name policy and invasiveness make it more accessible in censored areas, but its .onion address makes it less easy to maintain anonymity.

9. Wasabi Wallet

Wasabi wallet is a Tor-based Bitcoin wallet that anonymizes your data and allows you to join transactions for a fee. This BTC wallet helps you stay anonymous and protects you from scams.

10. Riseup

Riseup, a volunteer-run email provider for activists, has grown to six million users worldwide, publishing newsletters in multiple languages and running onion services for its website and chat services.

11. ProtonMail

ProtonMail is an encrypted email service operated from Switzerland. It is believed to be one of the most popular cryptocurrency email services.

12. Keybase

Keybase is a secure online identity service that enables users to link their online identities securely. It offers a user-friendly and secure chat service, file-sharing capabilities, and its own application.

13. ZeroBin

ZeroBin is a secure text sharing service that encrypts and decrypts text in the browser, ensuring no server knowledge of what is being sent.

14. MegaTor

MegaTor is a unique, free, and fast anonymous file sharing service that is not available on the regular internet.

15. Privacy Tools

PrivacyTools is like a one-stop shop for anyone who wants to protect their privacy and stay off the dark web. It’s got all the tools, services and info you need to stay safe.

16. Impreza Hosting

Impreza Hosting offers Tor network hosting, .onion URL management, and no-personal information requirements. Payments can be made with cryptocurrency.

17. SecureDrop

SecureDrop is a popular tool among journalists for sharing confidential information without revealing one’s identity, often found on news publications’ .onion sites.

18. CIA

Tor, developed by the US Navy, enables secure information relay between informants in foreign countries. The CIA launched an onion site for global access to its resources.

19. TorLinks

TorLinks is a secondary directory site to the Hidden Wiki, divided into commercial and non-commercial links, but includes onion links to dubious or illegal activities. 

20. Torch

Torch, a popular onion search engine on the dark web, serves over 80,000 daily requests and is funded primarily through BTC-purchased advertising, featuring old-school banner ads.

Dark Web Sites offer privacy and anonymity, serving both illegal activities and providing access to information and independent journalism in censorship-prone countries. Take adequate precautions to stay safe.