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The Benefits of Shrink Wrapping Your Goods

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Have you ever wondered why a professional crating company uses shrink wrap to protect products? Shrink wrap is one of the most versatile products used in the packing and shipping process. It is lightweight, pliable, and offers a tight seal to keep products from moving during transit.

Packing Service, Inc. is the leading palletizing company in the nation. We shrink wrap pallets as well as furniture and fragile items for both short-distance moves and international transport. Learn more about the benefits of using this material and why we use it here at Packing Service, Inc.

Tight and secure seal

The rigors of transport can cause damage to products, especially if those goods are traveling long distances. Shrink wrap provides a secure seal that keeps your products from jostling, shifting, and getting lost in transit. It also keeps dust and dirt out, which is very important when shipping food or perishable items.


Any experienced crating company knows that durable materials are necessary when packing and shipping. Equipment and general handling can be rough on crates and pallets. Shrink wrap is designed to withstand extreme temperatures making it ideal for transporting frozen goods.


Wet weather can’t be avoided during transport. A reputable palletizing company will use shrink wrap to protect your products from the elements. Shrink wrap is water-resistant so it will keep your items dry and protected against water-related damage such as mold.


The nature of shrink wrap makes it highly versatile. You can wrap it around any item, including large furniture, custom crates, and pallets. This makes it the perfect packing material for a skilled packing and crating company that wants to provide great service for their customers.

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If you are looking for a trusted palletizing company to ship your products, contact the team at Packing Service, Inc. today. We have decades of experience and we use the right materials to ensure that your goods reach their destination securely.

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