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The Best Online Learning Resources for Senior Citizens

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You’re never too old to learn, and the growing popularity and availability of edTech make it easier than ever. Is your son or your granddaughter enrolled in a journalism master’s program online? Well, you can learn something new too via the many digital education resources that are available today.

From website forums specifically aimed at seniors, to virtual classes, smartphone applications, and YouTube videos, as well as eBooks and Audiobooks – you can learn so much by drawing on these informative and user-friendly tech tools.

Keen to learn where you can find the best online learning resources for seniors? Just keep reading.

Websites for Seniors: Online Resources to Facilitate eLearning for the Elderly

If you’re looking for a digital education resource for older adults, there are thousands of classes to broaden your horizons on websites like Senior Planet, which has courses designed specifically for those over the age of 60.

This popular site in particular offers online courses for older adults that are focused on five impact areas: social engagement, financial security, health and wellness, civic engagement and advocacy, and creativity. Some examples of their introductory courses include “Digital Storytelling”, “Etsy for Entrepreneurs”, “Ready, Set, Bank” and “Fitness Essentials.”

The best part? Their live classes are free for anyone to enroll in.

YouTube Tutorials, DocuSeries, and TedTalks: How Watching Videos On the Internet Can Help Seniors Learn

If you find yourself asking your grandchildren “What does YouTube mean?”, this part is for you.

Just like Annette – the 77-year-old star of the heartwarming new documentary ‘Cyber-Seniors’ – if you decide to delve into the world of the popular online video-streaming platform, a “whole new world of information” can be at your digital doorstep. Just be careful not to fall down a virtual rabbit hole – you could spend literal hours trawling through the millions of videos the YouTube platform hosts (a mind-boggling over 800 million videos, some sources suggest – perhaps even up to 1 billion.) Among these video resources, educational docuseries, online classes, and virtual tutorials are all freely available for YouTube viewers to consume – on almost any subject.

Some of the most viewed educational videos on YouTube, though? TEDTalks. Indeed, since the early 1980s, TEDTalks videos have provided expert insight into a variety of topics, and they’re still going strong today. Better yet – the videos are under 18 minutes, meaning you can gain new knowledge or perspective without the in-depth nature of a class.

eBooks and Audiobooks: Digital Sources to Make Reading Easier and More Accessible to Older Adults

Committing to reading getting harder as you age? The good news is that there are a variety of easily accessible eBook and audiobook platforms that offer the opportunity to learn more about a topic of interest. Self-help books, autobiographies biographies, and non-fiction literature are all great places to start if you’re looking to read up (or listen up) on a topic.

Is the text getting a little too small to see? Older adults who are vision-impaired may also be eligible for the National Library Services’ free braille and talking book library service.

Virtual Fitness Classes and Interactive Exercise Apps: Helping The Young At Heart Discover New Ways to Stay Healthy

Young at heart? No doubt, you’ll already know that keeping your body active is just as important as fueling your mind.

If you’re looking to kickstart healthy habits, then, you have many great options to choose from. Fitness apps are ever-evolving, and more apps are catering to the 50+ marketplace. Flip50, for example, is an app designed for those 50 and older that provides users with access to gyms nationwide, wellness plans, and discounts on massage, acupuncture, and other therapies.

Other popular apps to note include MyFitnessPal to assist with healthy eating, Nike+ Run Club for those keen to rack up some miles on foot, as well as the increasingly popular C25K (short for ‘Couch to Five Kilometres’) cardio app.

Of course, utilizing any of these online resources requires user discretion. Be sure not to take everything you read on the internet as gospel, or to trust every convincing YouTube personality as an expert. To help you navigate the resources available on the internet, research and read reviews of the apps and sites you choose to subscribe to, so you can ensure that they are providing advice you can trust.