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The Evolution of Car Security in Pakistan: From Locks to Trackers

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The evolution of car security in Pakistan is much like in many other parts of the world that have significantly transformed over the years the progression can be traced from basic mechanical locker to advanced tracking systems and just by looking at their several different key stages and the process of this evolution we can observe that it has significantly evolved the whole market of mechanics and automobile.

If you’re going to look at the progression that these cars made from mechanical to the advanced mode of tracking systems these automobiles have severely improved themselves, the question is How?

Just by looking at some simple features, we can easily conclude how car tracker security measures have revolved in Pakistan over the years.

Evolution Pattern

The basic evolution pattern of automobiles follows from the 1900s till late 2020s.

1.   Traditional Locking And Simple Mechanics (Late 1900s)

If we are going to talk about the early days or you can say specifically in late 1900 and early 2000 the simple door and lock and ignition locks were used to be installed in the cars. These systems provide a basic level of security and they have left the automobiles at high vulnerability. Techniques like lock picking and hotwiring can easily help to unlock these traditional mechanical locks. That proves that this type of security level is too weak to maintain the system.

2.   Induction Of Electronic Immobilizers (Early 2000s)

During the late 1900s and early 2000s robberies were at their peak. Industries mildly started to evolve as the automatic manufacturers observed the evolution in the property of the thieves.

The automotive industries have started to produce advancements in vehicle security by inducing electronic immobilizers that require valid electronic keys or codes that initiate vehicle ignition rendering hot wiring and unauthorized access nearly impossible. This reflects the industry’s commitment to its consumers.

3.   Central Locking System (Early 2000 – 2010)

Revolution is in the car security by adding the central locking system to enable the drivers to conveniently secure the vehicles and of course, allow them to decrease their stress level while resting at home offices and doing shopping. The innovation not only improves the ease of securing the vehicle but improves overall safety.

If someone tries to break into the car or tries to manipulate the component the alarm will start to trigger, the car will start to sound in the vicinity of it. The detection can be marked based on the car’s sound system. The combination of central locking in your system not only detects potential thieves but also provides a sense of confidence and peace of mind.

4.   GPS Tracking System (After 2010)

The increase in theft of car incidents highlighted the demand for advanced security, specifically in posh cities of Pakistan such as Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore and Faisalabad. In response to that, the automotive industries represented a specific type of tracking system known as GPS tracking system. Which is highly effective to measure combat vehicle theft.

The best car tracker company in Pakistan in the car security system enables the law enforcement authority to quickly and accurately locate the stolen vehicle. The popularity of GPS tracking systems during this period showcases the growing emphasis on leveraging advanced technologies to safeguard vehicles.

5.   Smart Security System

Smart Security System advancement in technology led to the integration of the Smart Security System. Why was this system introduced?

The main reason for introducing such a smart security system was to monitor automobiles easily by sitting at your home from everywhere. Car owners can receive notifications about unusual activities and movements on smartphone apps through geo-fencing and real-time alerts.

A.   Remote Monitoring

Due to remote monitoring, through smartphone apps car owners can easily check the status of their car including their location and their life update of vehicle position.

B.   Geofencing

Geofencing technology was integrated into a smart security system that allows the owner to define their own boundaries to look at their vehicle. This would trigger an alert notifying owner of potential security if the vehicle moves out from that virtual boundary without your permission

C.   Real-Time Security

Security Systems provide real-time information on whether it is a break attempt and unauthorized or unexpected vehicle movement, the car owner will receive a notification and it also sends an alert to law enforcement.

All of this evolution made advanced authentication in the recent air of car security systems.

Modern Tracking System (2018s till Now)

In the modern era of the automotive industry, it is significantly increasing the security system by incorporating biometric security measures. This tracking system allows the vehicles to embrace advanced authentication and technology.

A.   Fingerprint recognition

The high-end vehicles of feature fingerprint recognition require the driver, fingerprint to authenticate and unlock the vehicle. This personalized biometric adds a high level of security.

B.   Facial recognition

It is also an advanced modern way of recognition in a security system that integrates facial recognition technology allowing the vehicles on board, allowing the system to scan and verify the driver’s facial features for authentication.

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In conclusion, the evolution of cars in Pakistan has increased the security modification in the automobile industries. This allows the consumers to have stressless days and nights without thinking about getting their car stolen or getting manipulated. Ensuring that these developments from the era of the 1900s evolved the cars in a better way to respond and deal with modern advancement. Today, special GPS tracking, geo-fencing, fingerprint and facial recognition ensure the well-being of your mind while enjoying shopping out with friends and family, in meetings or sleeping at night.