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The History of Real Madrid CF

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Real Madrid CF is one of the world’s premier football clubs, established on March 6, 1902.

King Alfonso XIII granted Real Madrid CF the royal designation, making them known today by their new moniker of Real Madrid CF. Their club crest displays this royal marking.


Real Madrid CF (Real Madrid Club de Futbol) is Spain’s oldest and most celebrated football club, founded on March 6, 1902. As well as being widely celebrated, they have also proven incredibly successful, having won 33 La Liga championships, 13 UEFA Champions League crowns, 4 FIFA Club World Cups as well as other accolades throughout its storied history.

Santiago Bernabeu Stadium can hold up to 85,000 spectators at once and is widely considered an iconic sporting venue, drawing some of the highest attendance rates for sporting events worldwide.

Florentino Perez took over as President in 2000 and quickly pursued the Galacticos policy, signing players such as Luis Figo from Milan at a record-setting fee, Zinedine Zidane from Juventus, and Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United.

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First Four Consecutive Copa del Rey Titles

Real Madrid were defeated in the quarter-finals by Real Union de Irun, from Spain’s third tier. Fielding Denis Cheryshev who had three bookings during his time with Villarreal last season proved costly for Real Madrid’s visitors.

Real Madrid established themselves as a formidable force both domestically and in European football by the 1950s, boasting an undisputed dream team consisting of Alfredo Di Stefano, Ferenc Puskas and Francisco Gento – which would win four La Ligas and one Copa del Rey by the end of the 1960s.

Real Madrid have won an incredible 33 La Liga titles and 13 Champions League / UEFA Cup cups to place them third in terms of total club competition wins with just Barcelona and Bayern Munich trailing behind.

Spanish Civil War

The Spanish Civil War marked a turning point in Spanish life and politics that had developed for decades prior. Nationalist rebels – consisting of Roman Catholics, military members, landowners, and land-owning elites – stood on one side, while Republicans comprised urban workers, agricultural laborers, as well as educated middle-class individuals who opposed them on both sides of the conflict.

Nationalists were supported by Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, while Republicans received assistance from Soviet Russia as well as International Brigade volunteers from Europe and America. The war had international repercussions with global public opinion rallying behind either side.

Franklin Roosevelt decided not to officially intervene in the war, yet secretly offered support to Republican forces starting in 1937.

Santiago Bernabeu

Santiago Bernabeu is home to one of the world’s premier and most competitive football clubs – Real Madrid FC (formerly Madrid Club de Ftbol) since 1902. When founded, initially known as Madrid CF (Madrid Club de Ftbol), King Alfonso XIII bestowed them with royal status (this honor only bestowed upon clubs featuring crown emblems).

Real Madrid have been dominant ever since the European Champion Club competition was first created in 1956, winning six Spanish League La Liga championships during this decade. Florentino Perez took over as president and initiated an unprecedented period called Galacticos which brought together superstar players such as Luis Figo, Zinedine Zidane and David Beckham into an unstoppable force on the pitch – while also making significant structural alterations at their stadium during this period.

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Don Alfredo Di Stefano

Real Madrid are unrivaled when it comes to European Cup wins, having collected five in succession and becoming the first team in history to do so. They did this during Alfredo Di Stefano, Francisco Gento and Ferenc Puskas’ reign – considered three of the greatest players ever seen on a soccer pitch.

Since 1920 when King Alfonso XIII added “Real” to their name, it has become part of their identity and pride. Additionally, its crown on their crest shows their royal patronage.

Real Madrid boasts some of the greatest players ever seen on an football pitch – goalkeepers, forwards and midfielders alike – but perhaps none was as influential as Raul.