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The iconic SAFEMOON returns on Solana with sights to a billion

by Anamta bnn
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Bitcoin reached a new all time high of over $73,000 USD for the first time in years. We have seen the overall crypto market cap exceed $2.6 Trillion and huge projects like Ethereum and Solana gain an uptick in volume. With this surge in buys meme coins have remerged into the foreground and some of the gains have been astronomical

One huge coin from the last bull season was SAFEMOON that exceeded $1 Billion in market cap but was met with uncertainty as the leadership fell through years later. Nevertheless, SAFEMOON made a legacy for all meme coins and was a widely successful project for many.

Now, we see SAFEMOON on Solana gaining over $3,500,000 in trading volume in it’s first five hours of launch. Their X account @solana_safemoon mentions things like, “The bull market is back baby, did you miss safemoon last season???” and boasting that the project has gain thousands of holders in it’s first few hours.

With the rise in popularity behind meme coins, with strong leadership and the interest moving to Solana, SAFEMOON Solana seems like a potential gem that bull market retail investors will flock to. At the time of writing there are already over 320 X followers, and 1300 members in their Telegram https://t.me/solana_safemoon. Looking at the SAFEMOON community growing, it feels like the market is responding positively to SAFEMOON.

Taking a peek in their Telegram you will see various admins and the dev leading raids with the community. These are the type of engagement we like to see from a brand new coin. If you’re interested in SAFEMOON Solana follow them https://x.com/solana_safemoon  and join the Telegram https://t.me/solana_safemoon . You can see their official website here https://www.safesolana.xyz which contains more information. Really enjoying the meme content and the fact that the dev team brought back the SAFEMOON concept on Solana for the bull market. Take a look for yourself and always do your own research.