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The Importance Of Installing Perimeter Security Systems

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These days, there are so many technological advancements in access control that businesses face security threats far beyond those we would have previously imagined. As technology moves on, so do criminals, and it is vital that we continue to develop new technologies to protect our goods.

For those operating warehouses that may contain high value or sensitive goods, this is a particularly important concern. Perimeter security systems serve as the first line of defence against potential threats. They not only deter some people from gaining unauthorised access, but they lengthen the time it takes for those with nefarious purposes to access your premises. This helps to allow warehouse owners to make appropriate responses before entry is made.

Below, we asked the experts at Fen Bay Services what they deem most important about perimeter security services, and what it may be well worth considering when choosing from the various different technologies available.

Security Takes More Than Guards and Gates

There have been significant improvements in perimeter security, which go far beyond the simple fence and security guards that were unemployed in areas deemed at risk. These days, businesses need sophisticated systems that use cutting edge technology to prevent unauthorised access.

The types of perimeter security may differ between premises, but the below benefits can be made by employing of variety of different systems such as robust fire retardant doors, crash barriers and cameras, to name but a few examples:

Intruder prevention

These days, physical barriers like fences and gates are still used. However, they are now fixed with control systems that use biometrics, key cards and fobs and other types of authentication access controls. Simply put, they are more effective.

Early detection

Visible signs of a good perimeter security system can act as a deterrent, which can persuade potential intruders to turn away rather than attempting access. CCTV cameras and motion sensors can also be employed to ensure early detection of any threats, and prevent access. In fact, AI is being trialled in various areas to act on early detection warnings in the most appropriate manner, whether this means setting in place, automatic, locking of doors, or reporting early detections to the relevant authorities automatically. While there are still some hurdles to work through with this, it makes sense to have something watching your premises at all times, which is something AI can help with.

Response time

Time is of the essence when you face a threat in real time. A good security system will buy time so that you can alert the authorities or relevant people to take action to prevent access. 

Protecting valuable assets and data

It is not only the goods that are held in your warehouse that are valuable. Your computers, and the data they have hold are vitally important to allow you to continue operating as a business. Unfortunately, there are threats from inside some facilities, as well as those who use nefarious purposes to access data to use it for unauthorised purposes. 

It is vital that as well as having a physical perimeter, your data security protocols are up to scratch too.

In the modern business landscape, the importance of perimeter security systems cannot be underestimated. Employing the right physical and data security protections can help you ward off the threats more effectively, allowing you to continue running your business safely. It may be worth getting into contact with those who are expert in providing perimeter security systems to consider options you may not have known were available? That way, you can be one step ahead of the thieves before they attempt to gain access.