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The Integration of Zen Planner and Dance Software

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Zen Planner provides fitness businesses with software designed to manage marketing campaigns, class scheduling, attendance tracking and billing automatically. Furthermore, the company provides websites which are mobile responsive and integrate with other applications.

GetApp has awarded this company with an impressive 4.3-star rating, with users noting its superior customer service and app’s ease of registering for classes, in addition to tracking and sharing workouts.

Customer Service

Zen Planner is a management software solution tailored to fitness businesses that streamlines operations and automates functions, increasing memberships while engaging customers. Furthermore, this user-friendly interface enables gym owners to rearrange widgets, create custom reports, and tailor settings according to their brand identity.

As part of its attendance tracking feature, Gym Track also includes an automated email system for members who miss classes or sessions, while gym owners can send notifications via SMS alerting members of class cancellations or important events.

Furthermore, this software features an iPad self-service kiosk app for check-ins and member services. Payment processing fees are included within its monthly fee without additional setup or gateway charges being added on top. Furthermore, one-on-one customer support via email and phone are offered; it is important that one reviews their terms of service to understand any cancellation policies or penalties prior to making their decision.

Dance software for New York studios

Dance software for New York studios provide students with a place to hone their passions, relax their anxieties and enhance their abilities. Students need to feel that their studio is an inviting and safe space in which to express themselves freely; yet managing a dance studio business involves more than class scheduling or ticket sales alone; using an efficient software system will make running your dance studio smoother for everyone involved – including yourself and its members!

Your company can benefit from having a dance management program with tools to cut time spent on office tasks and enhance communication with customers. In addition, these systems enable businesses to monitor member attendance, keep tabs on payments and financial activity, manage membership registrations and assist with other aspects of business management. A good dance software solution should include an online booking feature so customers can register quickly for classes throughout the year and manage registrations easily.

Custom Websites

Custom websites enable advanced functionality and third-party API integrations for an improved user experience. Custom sites also offer the scalability and flexibility required to adapt to changing business needs, creating an ideal digital platform to set themselves apart in a competitive online landscape.

Professional services and premium brands prioritise an elegant online presence to match their brand identities, and custom websites help achieve this objective through bespoke design that enhances this process. Their initial higher investment justifies its long-term benefits and scalability.

Zen Planner can assist a spin studio іn automating billing and payments for its members, alleviating stress оn staff and freeing them tо focus оn building relationships with members while improving health and fitness. Attendance tracking and retail sales options are also available, helping the studio maximize revenue. Plus, with a 4.3-star rating оn GetApp and over 3,000 businesses globally trusting Zen Planner, you’re assured оf exceptional Zen Planner customer service tо support your studio’s needs.


Zen Planner’s suite includes member management software, staff and member apps and integrated websites. While they claim payment processing capability, please be aware they charge a gateway fee per transaction plus monthly subscription fees.

Integrating Infusionsoft with Salesforce CRM enables you to automatically sync customer data and maintain contact via email marketing campaigns, so you can target specific customers with tailored content at just the right moment, leading to increased sales.

Billing and payments management in a spin studio can be stressful. By using software to automate billing of members for monthly studio fees, staff no longer need to constantly chase after payments manually.

Mindbody and Virtualgym offer similar fitness software features. Both have received excellent user reviews on GetApp with many commenting on their customer service being outstanding and their app being easy to navigate.