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The Leadership Journey of Evan Rutchik

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Expert leaders are crucial in the vital domain of digital advertising, shaping trends, fostering innovation, and guiding industry discourse. Evan Rutchik, a leading figure, has left an indelible mark on the adtech sector. His unique blend of passion and steady determination sets him apart, making him a standout in the world of digital advertising. 

As the managing partner of RIII Ventures, a family-founded company that invests in early-stage technology-driven businesses, Evan Rutchik’s commitment to education proves his belief in its power. Want to know more about this innovative leader? Let’s explore here.

What is the Role of Evan Rutchik in Advertising Technology?

Skilled in his command, Evan Rutchik is a professional leader focused on innovation. With his approach and willingness, he pushes to embrace forward-thinking approaches to building brands, whether he is launching his own strategies in the market or on behalf of his client. According to his experiences, taking risks delivers results and sets trends ahead of current best practices.

Advertising technology (AdTech) is a range of software and tools advertisers and brands use to develop digital marketing activities. Advertising technology is strategic in nature, something one-size-fits-all. 

Professional Career Highlights

LocalFactor (CEO)

Evan is currently LocalFactor’s CEO. Using premium localized media and flexible LocalFactorID data, LocalFactor creates tailored advertising campaigns targeting desktop, mobile, tablet, and CTV screens. This integration of data and distribution maximizes the effect of the media by building localized audiences. 

In addition to offering Enterprise brands insights into their top-performing locations to determine where their brand is most responsive and performing strongest, LocalFactor was developed to give SMBs greater access to premium Connected TV and OTT inventory in any location to any audience. This allows brands to make more informed strategic investment decisions and save money.

Yieldbot (Senior Vice President)

Evan led a team of 25 salespeople to generate total revenue of $60mm in 2016 as a senior vice president of Yieldbot. His careful consideration of skills and experience made him hire and build a team of top sales talent for the benefit of Yieldbot. During his tenure as senior VP in Yieldbot, their clients included Amgen, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Volvo, Honda, AT&T, and more.

Early Years in Adtech

Evan’s passion for technology and digital marketing made him enter the adtech world.

  • His journey starts with an understanding of the fastest-growing digital landscape industry, including the latest trends and consumer behavior. 
  • He recognized the loopholes in how brands interact with their target audiences online, understanding the opportunity to revolutionize traditional marketing approaches. 
  • Evan began a mission to redefine the dynamics of consumer engagement in the digital world with his knowledge and insights.
  • His mission to revolutionize the industry was supported by a commitment to use technology and strategies to enhance brand visibility and consumer engagement online.

Key Qualities Defining Evan

  • Creative Thinking- Evan’s leadership is moved forward by his deep understanding of market standards and consumer behavior, enabling him to identify emerging opportunities effectively.
  • Leadership- Through his strategic approaches, Evan inspires his teams to reach their potential at their best, setting examples of his strong commitment to working ethically and with excellence. 
  • Social Responsibility- His values of sympathy, empathy, and unselfishness drive his social impact, which shines through his extensive, generous efforts.
  • Champ of Innovation- By welcoming innovative solutions and the latest technologies, Evan stays ahead in the industry, driving continuous progress and transformation.
  • Leader and Inspiration- Evan has a journey that inspires future generations of innovators by promoting meaningful change.

Charity and NGOs

These are some of the popular charitable ventures that Evan Rutchik New York is part of:

  • T.E.A.L. Walk:
    Evan Rutchik supports the T.E.A.L. Walk, a renowned event dedicated to raising awareness and funds for ovarian cancer research. His involvement underscores his commitment to advancing medical research and supporting individuals affected by this disease.
  • The Jimmy Fund:
    Rutchik contributes his time and resources to The Jimmy Fund, a charitable organization affiliated with the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. By supporting The Jimmy Fund, he helps provide crucial funding for cancer care, research, and patient support services, making a tangible difference.
  • Education Initiatives for Underprivileged Communities:
    Evan Rutchik champions education initiatives to empower underprivileged communities. Through his support, he strives to bridge educational gaps and create opportunities for individuals who face socioeconomic barriers. 


Evan Rutchik is a leader in the adtech sector, with a passion for innovation and a deep understanding of consumer behavior.  He has used his knowledge to develop new advertising techniques, such as LocalFactor’s localized ad campaigns, and has built high-performing sales teams.  Throughout his career, Rutchik has emphasized the importance of social responsibility and embracing new technologies.