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The rematch between Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal will take place in the boxing ring in June

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Almost 5 years have passed since Jorge Masvidal defeated Nate Diaz in the Octagon at UFC-244: in November 2019. And after a long time, MMA legends will fight each other again. Only now not in the octagon, but in the boxing ring.

Let’s remember the Diaz-Masvidal fight at UFC-244

Let’s go back not to the 2019 fight itself, but a little earlier, and remember its background.

Nate Diaz’s call for the BMF belt against Jorge Masvidal at UFC 241 set the stage for an epic clash between two of the UFC’s toughest fighters. As the bout commenced, both Diaz and Masvidal displayed their trademark grit and determination.

In the first round, Masvidal inflicted significant damage with a series of strikes, opening up cuts on Diaz’s face and causing him to fall to the canvas. The onslaught continued into the second round, with Masvidal landing powerful punches that left Diaz struggling to mount a comeback. Despite Diaz’s efforts to engage in wild exchanges and utilize his grappling skills, Masvidal’s dominance persisted, leading to another knockdown.

As the fight entered the third round, Diaz showed signs of mounting a comeback, landing more accurate strikes and displaying his trademark toughness. However, Masvidal’s earlier onslaught had taken its toll, and despite Diaz’s resilience, the fight was ultimately stopped by the doctor due to the severity of Diaz’s cuts. Both fighters expressed disappointment at the premature end to the bout, with Diaz immediately calling for a rematch in a post-fight interview with Joe Rogan. Despite the disappointment of the abrupt ending, the Diaz vs. Masvidal showdown remains one of the most memorable fights in recent UFC history.

Masvidal retired from mixed martial arts after losing to Gilbert Burns in April 2023, and Diaz won his UFC contract by defeating Tony Ferguson in September 2022.

What about a rematch?

There had been ongoing speculation about a potential boxing rematch between Nate Diaz, aged 38, and Jorge Masvidal, aged 39, following their previous encounter in the MMA octagon. Diaz, who ventured into boxing last August, faced a defeat against Jake Paul. Now, Diaz is poised to make a comeback to the boxing scene against Masvidal, who is stepping into the boxing arena after a hiatus since 2005 when he secured a victory over Joseph Benjamin via majority decision. The news of this anticipated rematch was initially disclosed by renowned sports journalist Ariel Helwani on Wednesday (March 13).

As per Helwani’s report, the Diaz-Masvidal rematch is scheduled for June 1 at the KIA Forum in Los Angeles, featuring a 10-round light heavyweight bout. The event is to be presented by Fanmio PPV, the platform that previously hosted the Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul exhibition fight in 2021. Despite Masvidal’s MMA background, bookmakers consider him a significant threat to Diaz in the boxing ring. Masvidal is heavily favored to win, with odds indicating about a 79 percent chance of victory. You can Mostbet yukle and place a bet on the upcoming fight if you are confident that one of the fighters will win.

In contrast, Diaz is the underdog, with odds suggesting a 27 percent chance of winning. Masvidal expressed his confidence ahead of the match, vowing to make the fight even worse for Diaz and asserting his dominance in the boxing ring.

And this time Masvidal was not so gentle in the upcoming discussions. “Nate is the walking dead man,” Masvidal said in a recent interview. “I can’t wait to prove that last time was not an accident. The referee saved him. Now we are engaged in boxing, and this, according to him, is his strong point, but he has no chance of beating me. I won’t give him an inch in this ring so he can even breathe.”