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These Feel-Good Movies Will Bring Your Heart To Peace

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The most crucial thing we all lack—a much-needed escape—is provided by feel-good movies, which calm the spirit like a salve. Feel-good movies provide a break from the struggles of life when the daily grind at work leaves us feeling worn out. These movies make us feel warm inside and are made to uplift our spirits and give us a new perspective on life.

Feel-good movies are important for a variety of reasons, including their ability to inspire us to pursue excellence. These movies inspire us to connect with our best selves. These films encourage us to believe in ourselves, be nice to others, and have a positive attitude on life.

Feel-good movies can also help with the healthy processing of difficult emotions and circumstances. Feel-good films provide a cathartic release, enabling us to let go of negative emotions and embrace a more upbeat outlook, whether we are dealing with bereavement, heartbreak, or the rigors of daily life.

Additionally, feel-good movies may be a powerful tool for building connections and facilities. Whether we watch them with friends, family, or even complete strangers, these films have the power to bring people together by fostering a feeling of shared experience and universal humanity. Feel-good movies help us understand others better and close empathy gaps by reminding us of our shared humanity in a culture that occasionally feels remote and foreign.

Feel-Good Movies to Watch This Weekend to Replenish Energy

Peacock, one of the most well-known streaming services, offers its customers a selection of films and TV shows. The website offers a variety of upbeat movies that are great for a night in, a relaxing Sunday afternoon, or just when you need a little pick-me-up.

You can also watch these movies on your next journey so you will keep feeling better. So get a VPN, and let’s Peacock TV in Canada effortlessly… or whichever country you voyage to. Here are some heartwarming movies you can watch on Hulu that will make you feel good.

Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

Crazy Rich Asians, a romantic comedy pictured on Kevin Kwan’s best-selling book, follows Rachel Chu, a New Yorker who goes to Singapore with her boyfriend, Nick, to attend his best friend’s wedding. Unknown to Rachel, Nick is from a wealthy family in Asia, and his mother doesn’t like how they get along. Crazy Rich Asians is a visually breathtaking movie celebrating love, family, and cultural identity.

Arthur Christmas (2011)

In this endearing animated movie Arthur Christmas, Arthur, the youngest son of Santa Claus, sets out to deliver a gift that was unintentionally left at the North Pole. On his journey, he learns of Christmas’s actual meaning and family’s value. Arthur Christmas is a charming holiday movie that makes you feel cozy.

What Men Want (2019)

A gender-flipped version of the 2000 romantic comedy What Women Want, this movie talks about Ali Davis, a successful sports agent who drinks a potent concoction that grants her the ability to hear men’s thoughts. Ali uses her newly acquired authority to try to sign the next big NBA star while navigating the world of professional sports, which men largely dominate. What Men Want is a rowdy yet inspiring movie that celebrates women in the workplace.

Hitch (2005)

In the romantic comedy Hitch, Alex “Hitch” Hitchens plays a professional “date doctor” who assists men in attracting the ladies they desire. Hitch finds himself drawn to Sara, a gossip journalist dubious of his tactics. Hitch is a sweet and amusing movie starring Will Smith and Eva Mendes that examines the complexity of love and relationships.

Philomena (2013)

The movie Philomena is based on the true account of Philomena Lee, an Irish lady who looks for her son after the Catholic Church abducted him and sold him for adoption. To learn the truth regarding her son’s location, Philomena and a journalist named Martin Sixsmith travel to the United States. The moving and stirring movie Philomena examines motherhood, forgiveness, and faith.

Booksmart (2019)

In the comedy Booksmart, two high school seniors named Amy and Molly realize that they spent their entire adolescence studying and missing out on all the fun. They start the night with a wild bang of partying and self-discovery, determined to compensate for the lost time. Booksmart is a witty and touching movie that honors female friendships and the happiness of youth.

Support the Girls (2018)

This comedy-drama movie covers an entire day at a Hooters-style sports bar. The general manager Lisa faces many difficulties and problems during the movie, including a break-in, a new waitress, and a potential love affair. Support the Girls is a complex and sympathetic movie that examines themes of empowerment, sisterhood, and the challenges of salaried ladies.

Skate Kitchen (2018)

In the movie Skate Kitchen, Camille, an isolated suburban kid, learns about skating and the close-knit group of female skaters known as the Skate Kitchen. Camille learns the value of friendship, self-expression, and finding one’s tribe as she navigates the difficulties of growing up. Skate Kitchen is a dynamic and real movie that honors the passion of youth and the strength of female solidarity.


The human experience is insufficient without feel-good movies because it supplies us with the inspiration, catharsis, and connection we lack. These movies provide sunshine on even the cloudiest days, whether we’re feeling depressed, overburdened, or simply need a little boost. Luckily, Hulu has many feel-good movies that fit any situation or mood. So, why not curl up with a heartwarming film the next time you feel down and let its warmth and happiness embrace you?