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Tips and Tricks for a Mosquito-Free Summer in Charleston, SC

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As summer quickly approaches, homeowners are likely excited to spend more time outdoors. 

Family barbeques, evenings by the fire pit, and lounging on the deck or patio are all fun summertime activities that help friends and families stay connected and enjoy the sun and warm temperatures. However, summer also brings some uninvited guests: mosquitos.

Here are some tips and tricks—including hiring a company that specializes in mosquito control Charleston, SC—to have a mosquito-free summer.

Eliminate Standing Water 

Mosquitos are attracted to standing water, so try to eliminate any sources of it in your yard and other areas surrounding your house. This includes puddles, birdbaths, gutters, and undrained kiddie pools. If you have standing water that cannot be eliminated—for example, a nearby pond or a swimming pool—try to keep the areas clean and well-maintained and cover these sources when you’re not using them if applicable

Maintain Outdoor Areas 

In addition to standing water, mosquitos are also attracted to excessive growth of grass or bushes, wood piles, and overgrown weeds. One of the best natural ways to prevent mosquitos from infesting your yard is to keep it mowed, trimmed, and picked up as much as possible throughout the summer months. 

Plant and Nourish Mosquito-Repelling Plants 

Mosquito-repelling plants are a natural way to prevent these insects from taking over your yard in the summer months. Great options include mint, basil, rosemary, catnip, lavender, lemongrass, and geraniums. Don’t have a garden? You can easily plant these in pots and put them outside where you notice mosquitos the most. 

Make Sure Your Screens Are in Place 

Even if you do have some mosquitos in your outdoor areas, you can still take steps to keep them from entering your home. The first line of defense is screens on your doors and windows. With screens, you can still benefit from fresh outdoor air circulating through your home without the addition of unwanted insects. 

Keep Your Home Cool 

Mosquitos are cold-blooded and weak flyers. That means that you can prevent them from infesting your home by putting a fan on the patio and/or by turning your air conditioning on. The airflow from the fan can keep them from getting into the house and the cool temps inside will reduce their activity or cause them to move back outside to seek warmth. 

Work with a Company Specializing in Mosquito Control SC

No matter how many steps you take to prevent mosquitos in and around your home, you may still experience them as the summer approaches. To ensure you and your family can still enjoy your time outside and to prevent pests from getting inside your house, call mosquito control Charleston SC. A professional will know what steps to take to eliminate any mosquitos you currently have and how to prevent further pests from disturbing your summer. 

To choose the right company, ask around for referrals, read online reviews—those companies with a majority of five-star reviews are usually best—and do some research on their websites. You can also call and ask for a quote on treating your home to check on prices and to get a better idea of each company’s customer service skills.