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Tips to Buy Force FX Elite Lightsaber

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Are you a Star Wars fan? Or you’re there already or on your way.

Whether it’s for display or play, the reasons to own a lightsaber are unlimited.

There are a lot more choices when it comes to lightsaber replicas.

But one lightsaber always attracts fans ‘attention–the Force FX Elite lightsaber.

You can find some high-quality replicas, and those are real things with power.

It can be an important step if you choose it yourself on your way to becoming a true lightsaber user.

But when you hold a lightsaber, then you get power. With power comes great responsibility.

Here are some things to look for when buying Force FX Elite lightsabers.

Choose the Blade Color

The colors of the lightsaber blades express the wielder’s relationship with the Force.

Various blade colors to choose the right one: For a Force FX lightsaber, there are –

  • Green
  • Blue
  • Red

You have to understand what each color means. Blue most often represents Jedi, who is a light-sided person.

The green emphasizes the link with Jedi, who have a closer relationship to the Force and nature.

Red is very closely associated with the Sith and the Dark Side. You have to choose the color that suits your Sith or Jedi temperament.

Choose your Favorite Character

Each lightsaber is a weapon of a Star Wars character.

If you want to make an informed choice regarding the right lightsaber, you need to know the character’s behavior, backstory, and personality.

Understanding the character better will only deepen your connection with the lightsaber. It will enhance your overall experience of Star Wars.

You need to know the history behind the hilt to make wielding it more meaningful before getting –

  • Rey’s lightsaber
  • Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber
  • Darth Vader’s iconic weapon.

Check out the Build Quality

Force FX Elite lightsabers are known for their exceptional build quality.

It is necessary to thoroughly check the weight, materials, and overall craftsmanship before you purchase any of these.

These lightsabers have a metal hilt that makes them more durable and authentic.

Further, it is essential to check the balance and grip of the hilt – these can enhance your experience of carrying a lightsaber.

Undoubtedly, some lightsabers are created for display purposes. Among them are built for dueling.

If you are planning for a battle, make sure the lightsaber you are choosing can go with the style you are looking for.

Set up the budget.

Force FX Elite lightsabers are a great investment for the fans. These are worth even if you are adding them to your personal collection.

However, you need to know that prices can vary widely depending on the –

  • Character
  • Features, and
  • The rarity of the lightsaber.

You need to set up a budget that goes well with your commitment to the Force and your finances.

Remember that the replicas are designed for an authentic experience, so choose the one that holds long-term value.

Choose your lightsaber hilt style.

You must have seen the lightsaber hilt. Those are as different as the Jedi holding it.

When you decide on choosing the Force FX lightsaber, you need to check on the hilt style that goes well with your personality.

You need to know what you are looking for. You need an elegant and iconic design of Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber with an elegant finish of a blue blade.

Do the red blades hold your attention? Knowing your preferred hilt style makes it easier to narrow down your choices.

You can make the entire selection process even more manageable.


Force FX Elite lightsaber is not just a collectibe – it connects you to the galaxy. The galaxy is entirely filled with villains, heroes, and adventures.

Considering these tips, you can get a lightsaber that can become an identity of your love for Star Wars.