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Top 5 Activewear Manufacturers for Startups

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The world of fashion is ever-evolving, and as new trends emerge, so does the need for specialized clothing. One area that has seen exponential growth in recent years is the activewear market. Whether it’s for the gym, yoga, or just a stylish, comfortable outfit, more and more people are turning to activewear for their day-to-day needs. As a result, the demand for high-quality, affordable activewear has skyrocketed.

For startups looking to venture into this lucrative market, finding the right manufacturer can make all the difference. It can dictate the quality of your products, your brand’s reputation, the price you can offer your customers, and ultimately, your success in the market.

Understanding Activewear and its Growing Importance

As lifestyles continue to evolve, activewear, once just a niche segment in the fashion industry, has now become a staple in people’s wardrobes. Activewear is defined as sportswear that people wear for workouts, but it has extended its reach far beyond the gym. With comfort and style becoming pivotal, activewear is now being worn for errands, casual meetups, work from home, and even as part of mainstream fashion.

This shift in consumer behavior has led to a rapid increase in demand for activewear worldwide. According to Allied Market Research, the global activewear market size was valued at $353.45 billion in 2020, and it is expected to reach $546.81 billion by 2028. This presents a significant opportunity for startups to make their mark in this booming sector.

Things to Consider When Choosing Activewear Manufacturer

Choosing the right manufacturer is a vital step in the journey of an activewear startup. Several factors need consideration to ensure that the manufacturer aligns with the brand’s vision, values, and objectives. Here are a few critical points to consider:

1. Quality and Expertise: It’s crucial to choose a manufacturer who can deliver high-quality products and has expertise in activewear production. This ensures the final product meets consumer expectations.

2. Flexibility in Production: Depending on the nature of the startup, it may be necessary to have a manufacturer that can handle both small and large orders effectively and efficiently.

3. Delivery Time: Time is of the essence in fashion. A manufacturer who can deliver in a timely manner can help the startup to stay on schedule and meet market demands.

4. Price: Price is a crucial factor, especially for startups. It’s essential to find a manufacturer who can provide the required quality at a competitive price.

5. One-Stop Solution: Manufacturers that offer a complete solution, from design to delivery, can save a lot of time and effort.

Top Activewear Manufacturers for Startups


As one of China’s most renowned clothing manufacturers, ODMYA prides itself on offering mass production capabilities, competitive pricing, and quick delivery times. A professional one-stop solution, ODMYA takes charge of the entire production process, from design and material procurement to manufacturing and delivery.

Known for their consistency and quality, ODMYA has positioned itself as a reliable partner for startups venturing into the activewear market. Their commitment to producing high-quality garments combined with their capability to handle large-scale production make them an attractive choice for startups.

Key Features of ODMYA:

  • Professional one-stop solution
  • Quick delivery times
  • Competitive pricing
  • Mass production capabilities
  • High quality

2 Berunwear

Berunwear is a specialized activewear manufacturer that has garnered a reputation for offering high-quality, performance-based activewear. Based in China, they cater to businesses worldwide, providing customized clothing solutions for startups and established brands alike.

Berunwear stands out for its impressive customization options. They offer design and manufacturing services tailored to the client’s specific needs, making them an excellent choice for startups wanting to create unique, brand-specific activewear.

Additionally, Berunwear is known for its commitment to sustainability. They use eco-friendly materials and ethical manufacturing processes, which can significantly enhance a brand’s image in today’s environmentally conscious market.

Key Features of Berunwear:

  • Wide range of customization options
  • High-quality, performance-based activewear
  • Eco-friendly and ethical manufacturing practices
  • Tailored services for startups

3 Gym Clothes

Gym Clothes is a top-rated manufacturer and distributor in the fitness-fashion industry. Known for their stylish, durable, and versatile activewear, they have become a preferred choice for many startups and established brands.

What sets Gym Clothes apart is their focus on incorporating the latest fashion trends into their activewear. This approach allows brands to offer their customers not just functional but also fashionable activewear. Their team is committed to innovating and constantly updating their catalog to stay at the forefront of fitness fashion trends.

Additionally, Gym Clothes provides a comprehensive range of services from design consultation to manufacturing, ensuring a seamless process for startups. Their competitive pricing and commitment to quality further enhance their appeal.

Key Features of Gym Clothes:

  • Trendy and fashionable designs
  • Durable and versatile activewear
  • Full range of services from design to manufacturing
  • Competitive pricing

4 Alanic Global

Alanic Global has earned its place among the top manufacturers in the activewear industry, supplying both startups and established brands with a wide variety of sports and fitness clothing.

Alanic Global is distinguished by its extensive range of products. Whether you’re a startup looking to launch a line of yoga pants, sports bras, hoodies, or any other piece of activewear, Alanic can provide it. This versatility makes it a valuable partner for startups looking to offer a comprehensive product line.

Furthermore, Alanic Global is committed to using high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques. This focus on quality doesn’t just extend to the end product, but also the customer service. Alanic’s supportive and responsive customer service is highly appreciated by their clients.

Key Features of Alanic Global:

  • Extensive range of products
  • High-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques
  • Excellent customer service
  • Versatility in product line

5 Zega Apparel

Zega Apparel is a leading activewear manufacturer known for its exceptional customization capabilities. They cater to the needs of both small and large-scale businesses, offering a flexible and comprehensive manufacturing service.

Zega Apparel allows startups to bring their unique vision to life with their custom-made activewear solutions. They offer a wide array of options in terms of materials, designs, and colors, allowing startups to create products that truly reflect their brand image.

What sets Zega Apparel apart is their commitment to ethical manufacturing. They maintain high labor standards and ensure safe, healthy working conditions in their factories. This ethical approach can enhance a brand’s reputation and appeal to conscious consumers.

Key Features of Zega Apparel:

  • Exceptional customization capabilities
  • Ethical manufacturing practices
  • Flexible and comprehensive services
  • Wide array of materials, designs, and color options


Finding the right manufacturer is a crucial step for any startup looking to enter the activewear market. Among the many options available, five manufacturers stand out for their expertise, flexibility, and commitment to quality – ODMYA, Berunwear, Gym Clothes, Alanic Global, and Zega Apparel.

We’ve singled out Alanic Global for its impressive range of products, commitment to quality, and excellent customer service. Whether you’re looking to launch a comprehensive line of activewear or need a manufacturer who can deliver quality at scale, Alanic Global could be a strong partner for your startup.

However, it’s important to remember that the best manufacturer for your startup depends on your specific needs and goals. The most important thing is to ensure that your chosen manufacturer aligns with your brand’s values, can meet your quality standards, and fits within your budget.

Entering the booming activewear market can be a profitable venture. By choosing the right manufacturing partner, you’re one step closer to achieving success in this growing industry.

This concludes our guide on top activewear manufacturers for startups. We hope that the information provided will assist you in making the best decision for your business. Best of luck with your venture!