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Top 5 Benefits of Outsourcing DME Billing Services

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Durable Medical Equipment (DME) is necessary for everyday patient care. It provides healing benefits to various physical ailments. Usually, such equipment is prescribed for long-term diseases. It enables speedy recovery with equipment like wheelchairs, walkers, nebulizers, oxygen equipment and crutches. In the case of diabetes, blood testing strips and blood glucose monitors are prescribed. However, the use of DME is subject to prior authorization by the healthcare provider, even before it is eligible for insurance coverage. This increases the complexity of DME billing. The biggest challenge in DME billing is the ever-evolving regulatory compliances. But DME Billing Company like – Unify Healthcare Services, is well-versed in managing intricate processes and stark regulations.

Outsourcing DME billing services will reduce the burden on healthcare providers and help them in controlling the fluctuating revenue. DME billing companies have a complete understanding of changing renovations and guidelines.

Let’s find out the benefits of outsourcing DME billing services!

Benefits of DME Billing Services by a DME Billing Company

Minimized Billing Errors

A DME billing company has expert billers and coders to navigate through the complex claim submission process. It ensures complete accuracy and transparency of insurance claims to prevent billing errors. Eliminating billing errors is important for streamlining the workflow and achieving appropriate revenue. Billing services carefully verify the patient information and check for potential issues to reduce the possibility of errors. Other than that, it also stays up to date with the latest rules, reviews the denied claims, rectifies them and resubmits.

Safe Patient Data

It is the responsibility of the outsourcing partner to ensure the safety and security of patient information. Healthcare providers opt for medical billing services keeping this as the topmost priority. Any type of data breach can cause a significant loss of revenue and the reputation of the medical professional.  DME billing companies are HIPAA compliant and use EHR (Electronic Health Records) to secure patient information and build trust between the healthcare providers & receivers.

Consistent Cash Flow

A consistent flow of cash has the highest value in medical practice. It is a reward for tirelessly working for the betterment of individuals. DME billing involves the maintenance of both the inward and outward cash flow. The goal is to achieve positive cash flow. It helps healthcare providers in arranging required medical equipment for patients.

A DME billing company will assist you in creating a balance between the inward and outward flow of cash.  It will stabilize the collection to maximize the desired revenue.

Denial Management and Follow up

Rejected and denied claims are common but they have a severe impact on the financial health of the medical professional. It is of vital importance to take steps to minimize the number of rejected and denied claims. This is done with the help of effective denial management and follow-up procedures.

A DME billing company will take all the measures to track and analyze the denied data, improve documentation, monitor compliance and provide efficient follow-up to optimize the revenue cycle of the healthcare provider.

Focus on Patient Care

The ultimate responsibility of healthcare providers and physicians is the quality of care extended to the patients. But they spend their energy on the tedious task of billing as it is the foremost requirement to earn satisfactory reimbursements. DME Billing Company has expertise in handling the billing procedure right from the beginning to the end. It imparts a successful practice where revenue is prioritized while fulfilling the regulatory requirements. This will help healthcare providers in focusing on their core competencies and free them from the stress and hassle of billing and coding.


DME billing specialists have the proper knowledge and expertise to solve the difficulties of this specialty. They are aware of the changing medical guidelines and make special efforts to reduce the burden on healthcare providers. They have a comprehensive approach to maximizing revenue with accurate claim submission.

If you are a healthcare provider looking for DME billing services, then Unify Healthcare Services is your ideal partner. The professional team of Unify assures increased collections and decreased billing errors with complete assistance. They will handle your medical billing with the utmost proficiency and accuracy.