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Top 5 Business Leaders in Cambodia: Pioneers of Economic Growth

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Cambodia’s economic landscape has been undergoing a dramatic transformation, largely driven by the vision and acumen of its top business leaders. These individuals are not just steering their respective companies towards success; they are also shaping the country’s economic destiny. Through their innovative strategies, sustainable practices, and commitment to development, these leaders have become pivotal figures in Cambodia’s rise as a burgeoning economic power in Southeast Asia.

The influence of these top business leaders extends across various crucial sectors, including real estate, finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, and hospitality. Their dynamic leadership and entrepreneurial spirit have catalyzed growth, opened new markets, and introduced technological innovations, thereby paving the way for a more diversified and resilient economy. With that in mind, let’s delve into the journeys and contributions of five such business leaders, each of whom has played a unique role in elevating Cambodia’s economic profile on the global stage.

1. Chen Zhi – A Visionary in Diversified Growth

Chen Zhi, Cambodia Prince Holding Group Chairman, is a name synonymous with Cambodia’s recent economic boom. Under his leadership, Prince Group has emerged as a major conglomerate, with its fingers in various sectors of the economy, including real estate, finance, and hospitality. His approach to business is marked by a keen understanding of global trends and local needs. In real estate, his group has been responsible for some of the most iconic developments in Cambodia, transforming the urban skyline with a blend of luxury and sustainability.

In finance, he has been instrumental in modernizing banking and investment services, significantly contributing to the financial sector’s growth and sophistication. His commitment to incorporating innovative technologies has made financial services more accessible and efficient.

His impact is also evident in the hospitality sector, where his ventures have played a significant role in promoting tourism in Cambodia. His hotels and resorts are not just centers of luxury but also cultural hubs that offer visitors a taste of Cambodia’s rich heritage. Moreover, his dedication to corporate social responsibility and sustainable development has made a notable impact on community welfare and environmental conservation.

2. Kith Meng – A Diversified Approach to Business

Kith Meng, the Chairman of the Royal Group, is another influential figure in Cambodia’s business world. He has diversified the group’s portfolio to include key sectors like telecommunications, banking, media, and hospitality. His strategic vision has helped the Royal Group to become one of the largest and most successful conglomerates in Cambodia.

His leadership in the telecommunications sector has been particularly impactful. His efforts have greatly improved connectivity across Cambodia, making significant strides in the digital transformation of the country. In banking and finance, his initiatives have introduced sophisticated financial services that cater to a burgeoning economy.

His contributions to the media sector have also been noteworthy, providing a platform for information and entertainment. In hospitality, Kith Meng’s ventures have contributed significantly to the growth of tourism in Cambodia, offering world-class facilities and services that have attracted tourists from all over the world.

3. Sok Kong – Fueling Cambodia’s Energy and Development

Sok Kong, the founder and Chairman of Sokimex Group, is a prominent business figure known for his contributions to Cambodia’s petroleum, real estate, and hospitality sectors. His foresight in establishing Sokimex Group as one of the first companies to import and distribute petroleum products in Cambodia has been pivotal in the development of the country’s energy sector.

In real estate, Sok Kong has overseen the development of significant projects, contributing to the urbanization and modernization of Cambodia. His ventures in the hospitality sector, including hotels and resorts, have boosted tourism and showcased Cambodia’s potential as a travel destination.

Sok Kong’s business acumen and contributions extend beyond his corporate successes. He is recognized for his philanthropic efforts and commitment to contributing to Cambodia’s socio-economic development.

4. Pung Kheav Se – Leading Banking and Financial Sectors

Pung Kheav Se, as the chairman of Canadia Bank, has been instrumental in spurring economic growth in Cambodia through significant contributions to the banking and financial sector. By leading one of Cambodia’s largest banks, he has facilitated access to financial services, enabling businesses to grow and thrive, and driving economic development.

His strategic vision for Canadia Bank included expanding its services and adopting technological innovations, which improved banking accessibility and efficiency for Cambodians. This approach not only strengthened the bank’s position in the market but also supported the country’s move towards financial inclusion and digital banking, further accelerating economic growth.

Pung Kheav Se’s leadership and investments extend beyond banking, impacting real estate and agriculture, which are critical sectors of Cambodia’s economy. His ability to identify and capitalize on growth opportunities has not only benefited his ventures but has also contributed to job creation and infrastructure development, marking him as a key figure in Cambodia’s economic landscape.


5. Leang Meng – Leading in the Hospitality Industry

Leang Meng has made a notable mark in Cambodia’s hospitality sector. As a key player in this industry, he has contributed significantly to its growth and development. His focus on delivering high-quality services and creating exceptional guest experiences has set new benchmarks in the sector. Under his leadership, his establishments have become synonymous with excellence and luxury.

Leang Meng’s efforts have not only elevated the standards of hospitality in Cambodia but also played a crucial role in promoting tourism and contributing to the country’s economic development. His leadership in the industry has stimulated growth in tourism, creating numerous employment opportunities and contributing significantly to the country’s economic diversification and development.


The achievements of these five business leaders in Cambodia are a testament to their vision, innovation, and dedication. They have not only driven economic growth but also set new benchmarks in their respective fields. Their diverse contributions underline the importance of strategic vision, adaptability, and commitment to sustainable practices in the entrepreneurial journey. As Cambodia continues to evolve in the global economic landscape, the endeavors of these key players will undoubtedly remain central to shaping its future, inspiring new generations of entrepreneurs and business leaders in the nation.