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Top 7 Skills International Students Should Learn Before Coming To The UK

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Moving to a foreign country for studies can be scary, especially if you are not very well aware of the expenses and the kind of people you might meet. You can’t do anything about the people you meet, but you can do something about the costs you might face. Students often face serious financial challenges when moving, compounded by living expenses, food and tuition fees.  International life has its share of difficulties for students. Therefore, before traveling to the UK, it’s a good idea to learn a few skills that can help you save money or earn a few extra dollars.

Here are some useful tips on how a student can save money:

  1. Don’t use delivery, go to cafes less often, better cook your own food.
  2. Buy textbooks from online bookstore, it’s cheaper than at the campus store. You can also rent books and save your budget even more.
  3. Instead of buying a fitness center membership, work out at home using apps.
  4. Buy groceries from hypermarkets, take advantage of discounts and promotions.
  5. Use the opportunity to apply for scholarships.
  6. Use your student ID to get discounted admission to theater performances, exhibitions, museums, or movies.
  7. Use public transportation or a bicycle.
  8. Unsubscribe to paid services.
  9. Keep future shopping lists, and take a break before important purchases.
  10. Make money by reselling your old textbooks on platforms like Amazon and eBay, online book selling sites and book services (https://booksrun.com/books/sell). Freshmen will gladly buy your used books from last semester.
  11. Rent an apartment together with friends.
  12. Find a part-time job.

What skills can you learn before you leave for the UK?

  • Retail work

If you have worked in a store back in your hometown, you can easily find work in the UK on a student visa.

You can work as a manager, stock shelves, or maybe just roam around helping customers with the inventory. You can try your luck at any store you like, be it a grocery store, a book store, a boutique, or a gift store, your options are limitless.

Mostly, the shop owners don’t even ask you whether or not you have prior experience working in retail. So, you are good to go even with a little bit of experience.

  • Bartender or server

The service and bartending industries are full of students trying to make some money for their studies. However, if you learn the skill of service and bartending by working for a few months in your hometown, then you might get a good job when you move to the UK.

Most of the time, these jobs require little to no experience so you can apply somewhere as a server without hesitation. The best thing about such jobs is that they are flexible for students.

  • Driver

If you know how to drive a car or any four-wheeled vehicle, and if you have been driving your own car or any other car in general then you are lucky because there are lots of driving opportunities in the UK. You can drive a public taxi, join a private chauffeuring company, work as a delivery person at a restaurant or even work as a driver at any institute. All you need for this job is to have an international driving license and to pass the exam once you reach the UK for your studies. As soon as you get your permit, you can start applying for driving jobs. You can earn up to £ 15 per hour working as a driver.

  • Amazon services

Amazon is a multinational tech company that has its roots in many areas like e-commerce, cloud computing, streaming, and AI. If you have had interest in any of these fields then you can register yourself at one of the Amazon programs and earn handsomely while sitting at home. You can work as an Amazon seller, or work in their AI program.

  • Car mechanic skills

Just like driving skill comes from a place of love for cars, similarly having basic car mechanic skills also comes from a place of love for cars. If you have an interest in cars and have a lot of know-how about the anatomy of cars, and if you know how to fix it If there is a small problem with the vehicle, then you are cut out for a mechanic job in the UK. Because there are many people who run to a mechanic as soon as their car starts to make even the slightest noise. So, you can make good bucks in this field.

  • Barber

The barbering industry is forever growing and running no matter what. People will always need a haircut or get their hair set for some event, which is a skill for students to have. You can easily work as a barber in the nearest saloon to your dorm while you study because there is always a barbershop in every neighborhood. It’s also a pretty flexible job because of the timing for students. However, learning barbering before coming to the UK is recommended so that you can immediately start working.

  • Animal caretaker

Taking care of animals and getting paid for it? Yes, please! If you are an animal lover and have a pet you adore, then this job is for you. There are several jobs available in the animal shelter that will keep you from missing home and pay handsomely. In addition, there are pet shops and shelters every few blocks in the UK so you can try the nearest to your dorm.

A part-time job with the animals could be; pet grooming, walking services, vet clinic, shelter work, and zoos or aquariums. These places are always looking to hire students because of the nature of the job.


These were some useful budget-saving tips and ways to earn extra income for students, which we are sure will help you while studying in the UK. If you learn at least a few of the skills we have listed before you leave for the UK, you will not only have an advantage over other candidates, but you will also be able to perform better than inexperienced people.