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Top 9 Unique Ideas for Improved Product Presentation with Two-Piece Boxes

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 In recent times, customers have wanted to buy products in unique packaging boxes, but they have found functional styles that are easy to unbox. The craze of buying luxury product packaging is the same for e-commerce and retail shoppers, so choose custom two-piece boxes that are perfect for packing the goods. Let’s see why a business owner must pick customized packaging to showcase tremendous products. 

Why a Business Needs Unique Product Packaging?

Unique and luxurious product packaging makes the product remarkable for customers. Sleek packaging that wraps inside the box fascinates customers and forces them to buy the items. Now, it’s time to understand who needs a two-piece packaging box for a charismatic product display. 

Aesthetically designed charming product packaging ensures an alluring product view and is easy to unbox with intense security. So, these durable and artistic product boxes may be used by different businesses like cosmetics, skincare, jewelry, and apparel. In addition, bakers may use 2-piece boxes with rigid material for cake boxes to keep them safe and chic for the customers. Whether you need custom two-piece boxes for packing perfumes and jewelry pieces, you must visit Custom Boxes Only to buy them. They have a huge array of custom shapes and sizes to design appealing product packaging. 

What is a Two-piece Box?

A two-piece box contains two parts that do not link from any side and are easy to unbox. Furthermore, it includes a lid and a tray that is quite easy to assemble and unbox for the end-users. In addition to this, the tray holds the product for intense security, and the lid covers the stuff with tight corners to protect the inside product. These esthetic and easy-to-unbox packaging styles are also known as detectable boxes, but the functions of both options are the same. 

Opt Quality Material for Two-piece Boxes

Choosing a quality material that is non-bendable and sturdy boosts the product value and ensures safe delivery to the customer’s doorstep. So, businesses go for robust quality material to pack attractive and sensitive products in secure packaging boxes. Furthermore, two-piece product boxes with rigid material are enough to give the product a mesmerizing and luxurious effect. 

Although cardboard boxes are still strong and catch the product without any issues, they look pleasant. Remember the product features, sizes, and styles before placing the order for esthetic 2-piece boxes to wrap the product. 

Ensure the Application of Fascinating Artwork

The distinctive designs with catchy colors make the product fascinating for target audiences. Therefore, packaging designs come with innovative designs and artwork to create fabulous product packaging that clicks in the audience’s eyes. According to Meyer, around 72% of customers make buying decisions after influencing the packaging designs. 

In this regard, they play with intricate lines, floral patterns, abstract shapes, hand-drawn strokes, and geometric patterns to craft perfect visuals. On this subject, companies hire packaging designers to fabricate the aesthetic and titillating artwork on custom two-piece packaging boxes to display the product prominently on the market shelves. 

In addition, intricate lines create an artwork that looks fabulous when using one color, whether black, lavender, or teal. Companies choose the shade to make the product and brand relevant. 

On the other hand, symmetrical designs with small shapes also fascinate customers and explain the brand story to the end-users. So, create symmetry with equal-sized shapes and flowers to engage customers today. In addition to this, hand-drawn strokes and a mascot application on the box related to the product convert simple packaging into outclass product wrapping. 

If you sell jewelry and apparel, only one bold color printing with brand credentials and additional options is enough to give a luxurious look at the product. Also, if a company needs free design support services free of cost, you must visit Customs Boxes Only; they have expert hands that fabricate the perfect artwork to engage the customers. 

Use the Window Patch in the Lid for Transparency 

In the modern era, people prefer to buy goods packed in transparent packaging to examine the quality of the product. For this purpose, packaging suppliers offer window boxes with PVC patch lids that display a crystal clear view of the product and engage the customers. Moreover, companies have the right to customize the window size and die-cut shape to grab the audience’s attention. 

For instance, consider the exact size of the product you want to pack inside the package and decide whether you wish to display the complete product or a specific part. Make sure the inside stuff is clearly explicit so that customers can check the product quality. 

Inserting Dividers and Partitions to Organize Product

Want to give a memorable unboxing experience to the end-users? The business must insert the tray and props to hold the product firmly and elegantly. Watch sellers may use small cushions with the watch for an appealing view and are safe from transportation shocks. Similarly, no matter what business you run, buy partitions, cardboard, and foam trays to organize the product in the box. 

Additionally, props, inserts, and dividers help companies pack multiple items in one box with an aesthetic view. Buy product partitions and trays according to the exact shape and volume of the product for a seamless view. For this purpose, find a packaging supplier that offers the best-crafted custom dividers and partitions according to the exact features of the packaging. 

Print Textures for Best Tactile Sensory Experience

Suppose the company aims to deliver tactile sensory experiences to customers when they hold the box from the shelves or receive a parcel through online delivery. In that case, they remember the brand because the cardboard package has unique textures. 

Therefore, the packaging industry innovated the embossing and debossing textures, which provide a tactile touch to the box and estimate the quality of the product. Companies use both textures on the two-piece box to fabricate the alluring product view. 

Embossing and debossing require catchy colors or metallic ink to create luxury printed two-piece box designs. Also, suppose companies want a decent look for the product that does not spark customers’ eyes and irritate them. In that case, they can choose blind debossing and embossing effects without additional colors and metallic inks. 

Custom Two-Piece Box with Logo for Branding

Design a customized and meaningful full logo that communicates the brand message to the end-users and explains the story to them. Applying logos, brand names, and taglines with one bold color is enough to grab the audience when placed on the retail market shelf. Moreover, a custom-made logo is the key identifier of the brand on the overcrowded retail shelves. Here are some tips that you may use to create an esthetic and appealing logo for the brand. 

  • Go for a custom font style and shape 
  • Use readable size and font style
  • Choose catchy colors for the logo 
  • Locate it in the center of the box for an appealing view 

Use of Custom Wrapping Sheet and Logo Sticker 

When we talk about innovative ideas, we recognize unboxing experiences. If an e-commerce business wants to secure a particular corner in customers’ hearts, it should invest in mesmerizing unboxing accessories to captivate customers. In this subject, companies started using custom wrapping sheets and customized logo stickers to wrap the inside content of customized two-piece boxes. 

Apart from this, businesses can print the inside product wrapping sheet with their brand name and tagline that resonates with customers. When companies print the brand taglines on the wrapping sheet, they resonate with customers and contribute to powerful branding. It’s all up to the business owner: either they want to print taglines on the sheet or create a custom sticker that they place on the product wrapping. 

Laminations And Coatings Appealing Product View 

By using lamination and coatings, companies not only add product beauty but also maximize the protection of the inside product. Lamination is the thin PVC plastic layers that add a security layer to the product packaging to make them secure. Here are some types of lamination which you may use according to the demand. 

  • Pearl lamination 
  • Soft touch lamination 
  • Gloss UV lamination 
  • Matte lamination

Moreover, the coating is the spray process that absorbs the cardstock and protects the content on the box to captivate customers. Aqueous coating is famous in the packaging industry, and consumers consider it eco-friendly coating. Also, applying lamination on custom two-piece boxes wholesale takes little investment, but it helps businesses build large sales in the future. 

Go for Maximum Outside and Minimal Inside

Design creative and unique artwork inside the box to engage customers and keep the external side minimal for breathable packaging boxes. In this regard, product manufacturers design heavy artwork or graphics with abstract and geometric shapes to surprise customers with a wow look. Next, print the outer side of the box with text, logo, and taglines for a minimal look. Businesses can also add customized cards inside the box with thanks-giving notes to show gratitude towards the customers.

Wrapping up The Thoughts 

So, the above discussion explains unique ideas for innovative product displays with custom two-piece boxes that grab the audience’s attention and force them to pick the product on retailer shelves. In addition, businesses must choose quality and robust materials like rigid and cardboard to make high-end packaging boxes. Apart from this, the application of spot UV laminations, coatings, and foil stamping adds a luxury touch to the packaging and makes them adorable for customers: custom colors and distinctive artwork offer instant product recognition to buy them as soon as possible.