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Top Five Love Movies Like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

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Anyone who sees How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days will crave love. Recommend some movies like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days that let us fall in love in those years, each of which can warm the heart to heal you and let you feel the beauty of love again. Do you feel lonely today because you don’t have someone you like, and do you think “love” is unnecessary? Love is a magical and wonderful thing that happens between two people. Love at first sight is attractive, and love over time can also move people’s hearts.

  1. Me Before You

The film is based on the New York Times bestselling novel. Lu, a young girl from a small town, is about to become a carer for Will, a quadriplegic young man. Will used to be an adventurous traveler, but due to a sudden car accident, Will uses a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Before the girl became a carer, Will felt hopeless about his life. Later, because of the girl’s enthusiasm for life and the courage to face grief, Will experienced happiness he had never had. The two are attracted to each other while getting to know each other and gradually fall in love.

  1. Letters to Juliet

It tells the story of a letter from 50 years ago that Sophie found and wrote back, and finally touched the sender, Claire, a granny-haired woman. So Claire decides to return to true love and takes her grandchildren Charlie and Sophie on a journey to find love, and finally finds the object of her childhood love and holds a wedding. And on the way, Sophie and Charlie, who have been engaged, are gradually familiar with each other and fall in love. Unable to feel her fiance’s love, she listens to her heart and decides not to repeat Claire’s past, choosing to stay with Charlie, who appreciates each other.

  1. Ruby Sparks

The film tells the story of Kevin, a talented writer who has refused to socialize with the opposite sex since his former girlfriend broke up, and suddenly finds that the dream goddess “Ruby” created in his novel appeared in the real world one morning. The two began a fantastic love affair. The movie gives Kevin a second chance, but many people are missed in life, and it isn’t easy to meet again. It is not easy to assemble, but it is a pity to miss. Start carefully if you don’t want to end hastily. There is no perfect person in the world; love, whether you win or lose, only understanding.

  1. Love Actually

The movie is made up of 10 love stories with many characters. Through a series of stories about the new British Prime minister who has a crush on a female assistant, the prime Minister’s sister who discovers her husband is cheating on her, and a female employee who has a crush on a male colleague but is afraid to confess her love, the theme of love is explained from different roles and perspectives in the five weeks leading up to Christmas.

  1. Before Again

The reason why it is moving is that it directly describes the path of people to pursue their dreams, and the director does not treat dreams as a joke. The male and female protagonists encounter embarrassment and indifference in the city; material poverty and spiritual frustration are the norms of their lives. However, they handled these matters well and were able to overcome triviality. Use music to tell the story of love and life, and this movie has an entirely different flavor from other love movies.

Love has always been the core topic of all film and television works, but also all the great literary works, the most touching key. Information about these films can be found on reelsimilar, and if you are interested in the above-recommended films, you can go to find out.