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Top Recommended Strategies from TikTok Marketers in 2024

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The growing popularity of TikTok among diverse audience demographics has led brands to market their products and services extensively on the platform. TikTok itself is a fantastic platform for businesses given its instrumental features such as in-app shopping, live shopping, and branded hashtags and challenges. However, the need for a solid marketing strategy remains constant. This post is a compilation of the top recommended strategies of 2024 from expert TikTok marketers.  Let’s dive straight into those!


17 Must-Use Strategies for TikTok in 2024

Here is a list of the strategies you must apply to level up your TikTok marketing game as a brand!

1. Get Familiar With the TikTok Ecosystem

In order to be savvy with a social media platform, you really have to dive deep into its mechanisms and dynamics. Spend time surfing on TikTok watching lots of videos to understand how the platform works and what kind of content gains attention from users. Explore the unique content format of TikTok along with the algorithms that are constantly in action to keep the users hooked for long. 

2. Determine Your Objectives

The foundational step to getting started with marketing on TikTok is to determine your objectives; both short-term and long-term. Having clear objectives in mind helps in defining a solid plan of action. What is it that you want to achieve through TikTok marketing? Do you want to get more people familiar with your brand? Do you want to enhance your TikTok followers? Do you want to improve your engagement rates? Do you want to boost sales? 

3. Know Your Target Audience

Knowing your target audience is important, but even more when you are marketing on TikTok. It is because of the complex content delivery systems of TikTok. Compared to other social networks, it’s easier to get a good organic reach provided you know what you are doing and to whom it is targeted. Having a deeper understanding of your target audience’s needs, preferences, interests, demographics, and pain points ensures crafting content that resonates with them.  

4. Focus On A Niche

TikTok prioritizes content based on topics, user interests, and their activity patterns. Content that is niche-specific has more chances of being picked up by the algorithm and delivered to relevant people. On the other hand, content that falls under a broader category has fewer chances of being favored by the algorithm. There are niche communities built on TikTok such as #cartok, #booktok, #artistsofTikTok, #catsofTikTok, and more. These hashtags group content belonging to a similar category under the same umbrella. 

5. Leverage TikTok Shopping and Ads

TikTok’s in-app shopping and live shopping in collaboration with Shopify have empowered small businesses to quite an extent. Brands can list their product catalog on their TikTok profile and even sell products during live sessions. Now users can directly shop for their favorite products while being on the app instead of going to the website and searching for them. 

Moreover, brands can reach out to their target audience through TikTok ads showcasing their products and services. TikTok allows precise targeting of the audience which can be done manually or automatically. It ensures the effectiveness of the advertised message by broadcasting it to the relevant audience. 

6. Understand the TikTok Algorithm

TikTok offers each of its users a highly personalized and unique experience which is why they love being on the app. The content delivered on the For You Page is based on users’ interests, video completion rate, content preferences, and activity patterns. The better you understand how the algorithm works, the better you can curate content and make it work in your favor. 

7. Craft Quality Content

TikTok’s content format, style, and user experience are quite different from that of other social networking sites. The whole vibe is very homegrown and organic where everybody is allowed to express themselves without any fear of being judged. Even as a brand, you do not have to be too sales-y to promote your name, products, or services. Staying authentic and offering value through your content goes a long way in building engagement. You can share informational videos, how-tos, hacks and tutorials, come up with a branded challenge, and do so much more when you don’t limit yourself. 

8. Use Relevant Hashtags

Your hashtag strategy for TikTok should be pretty solid in order to be more visible across the platform and get discovered by the right people. Incorporate relevant hashtags and keywords in your content. These tags should represent your niche and the topics you most commonly talk about so that interested people can easily come across your content. 

9. Monitor Your Performance

One of the most essential aspects of TikTok marketing is constantly monitoring your performance. Your business profile gives you insights about your audience and analytics based on various metrics. These tools can help amplify your performance if used effectively. In light of the data given by your analytics, you can know where you lack and modify your strategies.

10. Actively Engage With Your Audience

TikTok thrives on user engagement and organic content creation. One of the key aspects of marketing on TikTok involves actively engaging with your audience. You can do this by initiating conversations through your content, responding to their comments on your videos, going live frequently, and creating videos on their requests.

11. Encourage User-Generated Content

One of the best things about TikTok content is that it inspires action in the audience. Take trending videos as an example. Why do they get so popular? Because millions of people recreate them expressing their own creativity and style. 

TikTok is a great place to stimulate user-generated content. You can come up with a branded hashtag or challenge for the audience to participate in it.  

12. Partner With Relevant Influencers

Word of mouth has always been a powerful marketing tool. Influencers on social media have taken this phenomenon to another level. Collaborating with TikTok influencers relevant to your niche helps you reach your target audience effectively and raise brand awareness, get TikTok auto likes, and boost sales. Influencers are an efficient source to get your message across to the right people and promote your products and services. 

13. Create A Series

The primary content format of TikTok is short-form videos. To make your content more engaging and attractive for the audience, you can create a series of videos. This will build anticipation in the audience and they will be looking forward to the upcoming videos in the series. The idea could be as simple as doing a fitness series, a glimpse into your daily routine, a comic sketch, or an original story.

14. Participate in Trends

Trends and challenges are the key elements of driving engagement and user-generated content on the platform. Brands can leverage them by participating in them to enhance their visibility, discoverability, and engagement. It helps your audience humanize the brand and positively interact with the fun and relatable content. 

15. Tell A Story

Narrate a story through your videos even if it’s a short one. When you start with an interesting background or catchline, it captures the audience’s attention and keeps them hooked towards the end of the video. This enhances the user completion rate on your videos and improves your overall engagement rates as well. 

16. Leverage Trending Audio

Apart from viral trends and challenge videos, some audios gain immense attention from users and become popular on TikTok. Many people use these trending audios in their videos to add an element of fun and humor. Brands can also leverage trending audios to create content that is relevant to the brand as well as its audience. Add your own creative twist to the videos to make it interesting for the viewers to watch. This makes it shareable as well.  

17. Stay Authentic

TikTok thrives on creativity and authenticity from its users. Even the sponsored content on TikTok doesn’t seem like it’s paid because it has such a natural vibe. Brands have to think apart from their traditional promotional communication asking people to buy their products. This doesn’t work anymore. Brands have to understand consumer needs to create content that engages them and resonates with them. Only then the success of marketing communication can be guaranteed. 

In A Nutshell

TikTok is one of the most effective platforms for social media marketing given its high user engagement rate and diverse audience demographics. However, the efficiency of your marketing efforts relies on the strategies you employ. We have brought together the best TikTok marketing strategies of all time to help you flourish your business. 

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