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Trains in India Drive Alone, Driver Forgets to Press the Brakes

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Indian Railways (KA) ordered a search after a goods train traveled 70 km without a driver. Fortunately, no one was injured in this incident. Reported by the BBC, Tuesday (27/2/2024) it went viral on social media showing a train traveling through several stations at high speed in India. Reports said the train traveled without a driver from Kathua in Jammu and Kashmir to Hoshiarpur district in Punjab on Sunday (25/2).

Train management said https://www.dpdppnipacitan.com that the train was successfully stopped. Apart from that, no one was injured in this incident. According to the Press Trust of India, this incident occurred between 07:25 and 09:00 local time on Sunday. The train with 53 coaches carrying crushed stone was on its way to Punjab from Jammu when it stopped at Kathua for a crew change.

Officials said the train started moving down the railway track after the train driver and his helper got off. The train was traveling at a speed of almost 100 km/h and passed around five stations before being stopped.

After receiving notification that the train was moving without a driver, officials then closed the railroad crossing along the track.

Trains in India Drive Alone

“The train was stopped after railway officials installed wooden blocks on the tracks to stop the train,” said the official. Officers used blocks of wood and stones to help reduce the speed of the train. And some sandbags were also placed in strategic areas.

Officials also said that they were trying to identify the exact reason for the train’s movement after its stop at Kathua to avoid similar incidents in the future.

Alleged negligence of the driver
According to the Hindustan Times, this goods train was moving fast after the two drivers forgot to press the brakes. No one was injured when railway officials raised the alarm and secured the tracks along the road. They closed all train crossings for approximately two hours and looked for a system on how to deal with this panic.

Jammu railway station director and Divisional Traffic Manager Prateek Srivastava rushed to Kathua station soon after the train moved. An investigation has even been opened, and if it turns out the driver was at fault, strict action will be taken.