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Try this AI Content Detector before you submit your essays

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With the help of AI, writing essays has become incredibly easy and time-saving. This revolutionary technology has empowered content writers and academicians to efficiently produce high-quality written material at a fraction of the time it used to take. However, relying solely on AI for generating essays does come with drawbacks. 

For instance, Google’s new policy emphasizes rewarding original, high-quality content that exhibits expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness, potentially impacting the visibility of AI-generated content. Furthermore, many professors and teachers do not endorse the use of AI-generated content due to authenticity and originality concerns.

In this scenario, Merlin’s AI content detector emerges as a crucial solution. This sophisticated tool is designed to identify AI-generated content, allowing users to ensure their work meets the standards of originality and authenticity required by various platforms and educational institutions. By leveraging the capabilities of Merlin’s AI content detector, you can confidently create content that adheres to the highest standards, safeguarding against the potential pitfalls of relying solely on AI for content generation.  

At its core, the AI Detector is engineered to scrutinize your essays with an unparalleled level of precision, comparing your text against an extensive database of sources. This includes books, journals, websites, and previously submitted papers. The goal is to ensure that every piece you write stands out for its originality and intellectual rigor, propelling you toward academic success.

How the AI Detector Tool Enhances Your Essay Writing Experience

The journey of drafting an essay starts from formulating a compelling thesis to integrating research into your essay seamlessly. Merlin AI Detector is your bestfriend in this process, that offers a multifaceted approach to improve your writing. Firstly, it highlights areas where your text might seem AI generated,  and encourage you to put in more of your unique perspective and analysis. This not only improves your essay’s originality but also deepens your engagement with the topic.

Step-by-Step Guide on Using the AI Detector Tool

To harness the full potential of Merlin AI Detector, it’s essential to understand how to effectively use the tool. 

  • You need to begin by opening the tool at https://www.getmerlin.in/ai-detection.
  • Once you access the essay writer, you can paste or upload your essay in the dialogue box. And click on Analyze.

  • There’s a world limit of 10,000, which helps you analyze information in a larger set rather than having to do it in bits and pieces. 
  • After the analysis, you will have the analysis report ready to look at and make necessary changes accordingly.

Benefits of Using the AI Detector Tool

The advantages of integrating the AI Detector into your essay-writing process are multiple. 

  • It instills a deep sense of confidence in your writing. Knowing that your work has been thoroughly vetted for originality allows you to submit essays with peace of mind, free from the fear of accidental plagiarism.
  • The Merlin AI Detector helps improve your writing skills and prepares you for writing challenges beyond the classroom.  
  •  The AI Detector expedites the process of checking your work for plagiarism and stylistic issues, saving you time for research, writing, and revising.  

Real-life Examples AI Detector Tool Improving Essay Writing

The impact of the AI Detector tool on essay writing can be understood the best through real-life examples. 

Take, for instance, a university student who struggled with unintentional plagiarism. Regardless of their best efforts, they often found themselves mirroring the language and ideas of their sources too closely. After incorporating Merlin AI Detector into their writing process, they saw a marked improvement in the originality of their essays, resulting in better grades and heightened academic confidence.

Another example involves a student whose writing was often critiqued for being unclear and difficult to follow. By utilizing the feedback provided by the AI Detector, they were able to simplify their language and structure their arguments more logically. This not only made their essays more persuasive but also enhanced their overall writing skills.

Comparison of the AI Detector Tool with Other Plagiarism Checkers

While there are multiple plagiarism checkers available, Merlin AI Detector stands out for its approach to improving essay writing. Unlike basic plagiarism checkers that only identify matching text, the AI Detector goes a step further by offering detailed feedback which you can use to enhance the originality and clarity of your writing. This approach makes it a superior choice for students and educators who are serious about achieving academic excellence.

Furthermore, the AI Detector’s algorithm is constantly updated to keep pace with the evolving standards of academic integrity. This makes sure that the tool remains relevant and effective in detecting even the most sophisticated forms of plagiarism.


The great thing is that you can access it for free. It is write by your side, just a tap away whenever you need academic help, to ensure that your essays are top notch and you excel in your academics.


The AI Detector is a vital tool for students and educators in the competitive world of academic writing. With advanced AI detection and user-friendly design, it enhances essay-writing skills, ensuring originality and clarity. Beyond plagiarism checks, it supports continuous writing improvement, setting high standards for academic success. Explore writing mastery with the AI Detector today.