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Ultimate Guide To Lakme Makeup Kits: What To Look For & How To Choose

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If you are a makeup lover like so many others, you must have considered investing in a makeup kit for yourself or giving it to a fellow makeup enthusiast. Perhaps, you are a seller or a small business looking to put together a kit with all the basic makeup essentials for your customers. Regardless of the reason, there are some rules you must follow – and factors you should consider – while purchasing or putting together a makeup kit by one or multiple brands you love. This guide will help you cover all bases. But first, let’s understand what a makeup kit entails and which brand you should invest in.

Products To Look For/Include In A Lakme Makeup Kit

These are the commonly found products in a good Lakme makeup kit:

  1. Primer: This constitutes the very first layer of your makeup base, which is applied after a moisturizer and sunscreen. Investing in a good face primer is crucial, as it will help create a smooth and even base on which you can apply the makeup seamlessly. Find the one that suits your skin type; if you have dry skin, opt for a product with added hydration. There are also dewy primers that give a natural glow to the skin and color-correcting primers that reduce redness and uneven spots.


  1. Foundation: For an even base, you must have a lightweight foundation to go over your primer. If your skin tone is fair, use formulas without yellow or golden undertones. This will assist in avoiding the dreaded “orange-ish” look while mixing. There are a plethora of foundation forms on the market, including mousse, liquid, stick, and powder. Conduct a patch test to find the one that works best for your skin type. Pro tip: choose those with a dewy effect if you have dry skin. On the other hand, a mattifying foundation will eliminate any extra shine and minimize the visibility of pores if you have oily skin.


  1. Concealer: No matter how well we care for our skin, spots, dark circles, and imperfections might still surface. In Lakme makeup kits, On days like this, extra assistance is usually beneficial, and concealers may help hide these irregularities. Rather than going with a lightweight concealer that doesn’t provide enough coverage, choose one that is neither oily nor heavy. Once more, choosing the appropriate shade of concealer is essential to achieving a natural look.


  1. Lipstick: Put your faith in a striking, creamy lip color to create a glam moment worthy of the headlines. Select a color that best fits the event and your personality. Under the sun, naked lipsticks have been having a great time. They go incredibly nicely from day to night and are often pleasing. Ideal for most situations, including waltzing into work or for a night on the town for dinner and drinks! As an alternative, you could choose between plum, pink, red, and brown tones. Additionally, a variety of textures – from matte to gloss – are offered in the market.


  1. Kajal: A kohl pencil or kajal is a deep black-coloured eye pencil that you can use to highlight your best features in different ways. The most common way of applying kajal is by tight-lining the waterline. However, more recently, makeup artists and experts have started creating everyday looks by tight-lining the lash line as well. This gives an instant definition to your eyelids without the need for an eyeliner. Similarly, kajal has found more uses recently and can be used on the eyelids to create a smoked-out effect for a simple smokey-eye look.


  1. Eyeliner: One of the most important elements of eye makeup, eyeliner comes in various formats and formulations – liquid, pencil, gel, and felt-tip eyeliners in shiny, matte, and glitter. The makeup scene has also evolved now, and multiple brands offer coloured eyeliner as opposed to black. You can choose from options including black, brown, blue, green, red, purple, golden, silver, and even white. A good eye makeup kit will always include high-quality eyeliner so the user can create multiple looks for a full face of glam.


  1. Mascara: Yet another important element of eye makeup is mascara. Available in black, brown, and other colourful options like green, blue, and violet, a good mascara helps you lift the lashes for a brighter look. When applied the right way, mascara can open up your eyes and give your face a younger look. Further, mascaras are available in regular and waterproof formulations, and the latter is preferred for its long-staying power. A couple of coats of mascara after tight-lining the lash line can give your eyes an instantly brightened effect for everyday wear.


  1. Setting Spray Or Powder: The final step to any makeup look is to set it all in place with a good makeup setting powder or spray. Also known as translucent powder, a good setting powder must be included in every makeup kit so the user can add a final layer for a long-lasting stay. Aside from the longevity of makeup, a setting product helps blur out uneven spots and makes the skin appear super-smooth.

There you have it – the eight most important products to look for or include in a makeup kit. Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list; you can also focus on just one category of makeup kit – face, lips, eyes, or head-to-toe – when searching for the best one for yourself or curating one for your customers.

Why Choose Lakme Makeup Kits?

The crowd-pleasing Indian makeup and beauty giant Lakmé is one of the most reputable names in the cosmetics landscape. Lakme makeup kits – including eyes, lips, nails, and full-face combos – offer a variety of products to its customers based on skin types and tones. These carefully chosen makeup box sets and complete makeup kits are reasonably priced to meet your demands without breaking the bank. With a Lakmé makeup kit in your possession, you can create multiple looks, from glamorous, cocktail-party-worthy to simple, everyday makeup looks.

Lakmé makeup products are trusted by most women in the country (everyone has at least one Lakmé product in the vanity), speaking volumes about the brand’s high-quality offerings across the board.

Parting Thoughts

When buying a makeup kit or putting one together for makeup lovers, ensure that the kit includes basic products, which can be used to create multiple looks. Further, choosing a good brand is equally – if not more – important than the contents of the makeup kit, so opt for a well-known, top-quality name. We highly recommend you invest in a Lakmé makeup kit to get the best of both worlds – promising quality and a bang for your buck in terms of the makeup payoff.