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Underdog blogs for life hacks & how-tos

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Discover the hidden gems of life hacks and how-to tutorials! Forget the usual suspects like Wikihow and Instructables – there are lesser-known websites that offer niche advice, unique perspectives, and a personal touch. Trust me, these sites have made my life so much easier.

First up, let’s talk about Tipnut. It’s like stepping into a treasure chest of vintage homemaking magazines and cookbooks. Started by a passionate individual, Tipnut offers a curated collection of old-fashioned wisdom and modern-day hacks for today’s homemakers. It’s a neat package of handy advice and creative ideas, all in one place.

Next, we have How2Tweaks. Run by Tweakster Tom, a tech enthusiast and lifelong learner, this blog is filled with practical tips and tricks. Whether you need SEO advice, relationship or parenting tips, or just some everyday life hacks, Tom’s got you covered. Plus, he’s always open to suggestions on what to write about!

If you’re looking for inspiration in the world of arts and crafts, check out Craftgawker. It’s not just a website, it’s a visual journey. This photo gallery will lead you to the original blogger’s posts, allowing you to explore a world of creativity. With a team of editors, creatives, and developers who are passionate about crafts and design, Craftgawker is a community that inspires.

“The Lifestyle Blogger UK” is a blog that shares personal anecdotes and valuable tips from a passionate lifestyle enthusiast. From homemade recipes to health and fitness insights, this blog offers a touch of authenticity in every post. It has grown from a creative outlet to a full-time career, and it’s the perfect destination for heartfelt stories and practical advice.

Last but not least, we have “One Good Thing” by Jillee. This blog is more than just life hacks – it’s a testament to resilience and transformation. Jill’s personal journey, from battling postpartum anxiety to finding joy in homemaking, is truly inspiring. Get ready for daily life hacks and homemaking victories, along with a dose of heartfelt storytelling.

Ready to discover these hidden gems of life hacks and how-to tutorials? Let’s dive in and make your life a whole lot easier!