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Understanding Runaway Truck Accident Claims in New Jersey

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Based on studies that have been revealed in New Jersey, truck accidents are something everyone should be scared of. Since trucks in general weigh between 26,000 and 33,000 pounds, the injuries they can cause are tremendous. If you are also someone who got injured in a New Jersey truck accident, reaching out to an injury lawyer in New Jersey is important since they can assist with the legal matter. Let us take a comprehensive look at what causes these accidents in general and how you can avoid them.

What causes runaway truck accidents?

As per the studies we were talking about, it has been seen that the reason why these accidents usually happen is because the drivers lose control over the brakes or due to brake failures. It is because of this reason that we cannot emphasize more how important it is to do proper maintenance of the truck components.

In terms of what the other reasons can be, hydraulic failure, defective brake pads, and a lack of air pressure in the braking lines also cause truck accidents in New Jersey. In some cases, these accidents occurred because the drivers were driving under the influence, or were too fatigued to even drive.

No matter what the reason is, as long as you get injured, you can hold both the driver and the trucking company responsible for the accident. 

How can you prevent these accidents?

As we already somewhat discussed, one way to make sure that these accidents do not happen is by making sure the components of the truck are fine. The trucking company also needs to see if the drivers are fit to drive and not too fatigued.

Proper training of the drivers is also required so that they know about the safety measures while driving. This is especially important because they are not only responsible for driving the truck but also for making sure that they do not cause anyone any harm. Installing black boxes can also curb the issue. 

Final thoughts:

Since we think we all understand how serious these accidents can be, drivers and trucking companies need to take these matters with utmost urgency. So, in case you find yourself in a situation in New Jersey after a truck accident, it may be time to seek legal counsel so that you can take action before the statute of limitation ends.