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Unleashing Creativity: How Animaster College, Affiliated with BCU University, Shapes Tomorrow’s Animators

by Anamta bnn
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Animastor College is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, a creative powerhouse for budding animators, aspiring to make it big in this booming industry. Located in the heart of Bengaluru, the Silicon Valley of India, this college is affiliated with the prestigious BCU or Bangalore Central University, one of the best Government Animation College in Bengalore. With over 20 years of experience in helping aspiring animators create some of the best works of animation and visual effects, this college is indeed the launchpad for those who have the drive to dream animation and turn their dreams into reality.

About Animaster College – A Sneak Peek

As already mentioned, Animaster College boasts of years of experience and is aligned with the trends and needs of the industry, equipped with all the latest forms of technological advancements. Our team of experienced and expert educators knows how to help students shape their dreams just the way that would be conducive to the growth of their careers. Also, the fact that it is affiliated with the BCU, ensures that the curriculum followed here is recognized by both the industry as well as academia.

Even in terms of location, the college is situated in the heart of Bengaluru, well-known for being the pioneer in technology and innovation, making it possible for students from various parts of the country to come here and benefit from the BVA eq. Bsc in Animation and Vfx College in Bangalore. In fact, students who have just passed their 10th exams, can also opt for Diploma courses in animation here even before they have completed their 12th.

Why to Opt for Animaster Design College – A Detailed Discussion

Let us take a closer look at why exactly is Animaster College the ideal one for you if you are looking forward to creating a career in this field.

●    Top Notch Infrastructure

The college boasts of specialized studio-style labs equipped with render farms, workstations as well as post-production equipment. The workstations too are powered by the latest processors and NVIDIA Graphics Cards, capable of handling complex designs and animation workloads. For research purposes, students have access to both physical as well as E-library resources.

●    Personalised Learning

The Animaster College of Design is popular for its attempt at making the learning experience worthwhile for its students by making it personalized and tailored particularly to meet the creative needs and aspirations of each and every student. The faculty in this college are also dedicated to helping the students reach their potential through individual attention and guidance.

●    R&D

The expert faculty of the Animaster College of Design is constantly involved in various works of Research and Development in the field of animation, to ensure that the curriculum of this college remains updated and in line with the latest developments and trends that the field is witnessing. This commitment towards constant improvement through Research and Development is mirrored by their comprehensive educational programs, which include various aspects of animation covering 2D and 3D, character animation, game design, and visual effects. Moreover, its affiliation with BCU enables the students to access a wider and more advanced range of resources and opportunities for research and higher education both in India as well as abroad.

●    Campus Life

Apart from the curriculum and other academic factors, this is usually one of the major considerations for students. The campus life here reflects the very essence of the city of Bengaluru, vibrant and colorful, inspiring for creative and artistic roles. The environment of the college harbors freedom of art and fosters creativity with an innate culture of openness toward the various forms of artistic expression. The life in campus, coupled with the various advanced amenities available in the campus – together create an experience for the students that they will treasure for a lifetime.

●    Events and Workshop

To keep the learning experience interactive and interesting, the Animaster College often organizes various workshops and events that are designed to cater to the interests of the students and their creative trends. Some of their successful workshops have been on Character Designing, Design Development Program, Careers in the Video Gaming Industry, Capturing Emotions in image, etc.

●    Outdoor Learning

Apart from the various events and workshops organized for the students, students are also taken on educational tours to places like the National Gallery of Modern Art and industrial sites for practical design ideas. Hands-on experience like this along with the theoretical training already provided to them in classes, work together towards teaching them a more wholesome lesson on Animation design.

What are the Prospects After taking this Course?

Constantly striving to be the best, the Animaster College of Design offers the BVA degree which is equivalent to a BSc in Animation and VFX degree courses in various reputed universities all over the world. BVA eq. BSC Animation Course comes with challenging internship opportunities, giving the students a scope to communicate and interact with the veterans in the industry. The networking opportunities are various and prove extremely useful if you are planning to make your own mark in the animation industry. These are experiences, which go a long way towards giving you an insider’s perspective, boosting your confidence and maybe motivating you enough to create your own game.

The cutting-edge BA eq. BSc Animation and VFx course is of 3 years duration and will very efficiently turn you into an expert CG artist.

What Portfolio Can You Have as a Student?

Students can gain expertise in various portfolios, as illustrated below:

●    2D

Traditional Digital Animation

Includes Traditional Drawing, 2D Animation, observational drawings, illustrations, life drawings, concept sketching and storyboards

●    3D

Concept Design and 3D Animation

3D Project Stills, Character Model Sheets, Concept Design, Demo-reel of Project

●    Graphic Design

Crafts, Motion Design and Digital Design

Logo, Flyers, magazines, posters etc


Animaster College, in affiliation with BCU University, stands at the forefront of animation education. It’s more than a college; it’s a beacon for those who aspire to be at the cutting edge of creativity. With a curriculum designed to unleash potential and a location that offers endless possibilities, Animaster is truly shaping the animators of tomorrow.

This blog is a brief exploration of the vibrant ecosystem that Animaster College offers to its students. For those looking to dive into the world of animation and visual effects, Animaster provides the tools, knowledge, and environment to thrive in this dynamic field.