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Unlocking the Power of PrestaShop 8 Development

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Migrate Seamlessly for Enhanced Features

Welcome to PrestaShop 8!

In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, staying ahead with the latest technologies is crucial for businesses. PrestaShop, a renowned e-commerce platform, has recently unveiled its latest version – PrestaShop 8. In this article, we will deep into the exciting new characteristics of PrestaShop 8, highlight the main differences from its predecessor, PrestaShop 1.7, and elucidate why companies already using PrestaShop 1.7 should consider migrating to PrestaShop 8. As a leading expert in PrestaShop development and support since 2014, I-xperts and Creative is your go-to partner for a seamless transition.

New PrestaShop 8 Features

PrestaShop 8 introduces a plethora of new features designed to enhance the user experience and streamline e-commerce operations. With a focus on user-friendliness, improved performance, and advanced functionalities, PrestaShop 8 sets a new standard in e-commerce development. Key features include:

Security Enhancements in PrestaShop 8

Discover the enhanced security features introduced in PrestaShop 8 through its revamped security page. This upgrade offers two crucial additions aimed at fortifying your online store’s protection.

  1. Advanced Password Policy Settings: In PrestaShop 8, administrators gain greater control over the shop’s security with the ability to set password policies. This includes the flexibility to choose from five distinct levels of complexity, allowing administrators to enforce stronger password standards. By doing so, the system ensures that only secure passwords are accepted, mitigating the risk of unauthorized access due to weak passwords.
  2. Efficient Session Management: Taking a proactive approach to security, PrestaShop 8 introduces an improved session management feature for both customers and employees. Shop administrators now have the capability to view the detailed history of user sessions. Moreover, if the need arises, administrators can remotely disconnect sessions to instantly enhance security. Additionally, the system facilitates a streamlined cleanup process for outdated sessions, reducing database clutter and ensuring optimal performance. PrestaShop 8 not only prioritizes security but also empowers administrators with the tools needed to maintain a secure and efficient online environment.

Introducing Enhanced WebP Image Format Support

Experience an upgrade in image quality and loading speed with the latest support for the WebP image format. Now, when you upload images, you have the option to save them in the modern and efficient WebP format. Enjoy superior compression compared to JPEG and PNG, resulting in smaller file sizes without compromising image quality. Faster page loading times are just a click away! To enable this feature, simply navigate to Design > Image Settings > Image generation options and configure your preferences.

Embrace Creativity with SVG Logos

Diversify your shop’s visual identity by incorporating SVG files for your logo, alongside traditional bitmap images. This exciting addition allows for more flexibility and creativity in showcasing your brand. SVG logos can elevate the visual appeal of your online store.

Experimental Product Page Revamped (PrestaShop 1.7.8) 

A remarkable upgrade awaits users with the introduction of the experimental product page in PrestaShop 1.7.8. This version brings substantial improvements to the back office product page, featuring a meticulously reorganized layout, enhanced combination management, and improved bulk editing functionalities.

It’s worth noting that, although this new product page has made significant strides, it does not encompass all the features found in the standard product page, with multishop support being notably absent. As a result, it remains disabled by default. However, enthusiasts can easily activate this cutting-edge page by navigating to Advanced Parameters > Experimental Features. Explore the enhanced capabilities and streamlined interface of the experimental product page for a more dynamic user experience.

Improvements in SEO

Optimize Your Category Pages with SEO: Enhance the visibility of your category pages by incorporating a dedicated block of search engine optimized text at the bottom of each page.

Mitigate the Indexing of Discontinued Products: Avoid search engine crawlers from indexing discontinued products by implementing the “410 – Gone” status code on these items, offering a more precise indication compared to the commonly used “404 – Not Found” status.

Improved Meta Title Tags on Paginated Pages: In a bid to enhance search engine understanding, meta title tags on paginated pages, including sections such as new products, best sales, prices drop, and more, now include the respective page number. This refinement ensures better indexing and categorization by search engines.

Live Character Counters for SEO, Traffic, and CMS Sections: To assist merchants in adhering to recommended content length limits, certain text fields within the SEO, traffic, and CMS sections now feature live character counters. This proactive measure empowers merchants to craft content that aligns precisely with SEO guidelines, ensuring optimal performance and search engine visibility.

DKIM signatures for emails

Reduce the likelihood of your online store emails being marked as spam by using DKIM signatures. This can be configured in Advanced Parameters > E-mail.

Installer Enhancements

Simplify your shop’s setup by selecting specific modules and themes to install during the installation process, reducing unnecessary clutter.

Tailor your PrestaShop distribution to your exact specifications. By default, modules and themes found in the shop directories will be installed during the shop installation, giving integrators the flexibility to create personalized PrestaShop builds with their chosen modules and themes.

Diagnose installation issues with precision. With debug mode enabled, experience a comprehensive stack trace display in case of installation errors. This feature empowers developers to swiftly identify the root cause of any installation problems.

Expand the installation process to new horizons. Prestashop modules now boast a callback postInstall() function, enabling the execution of code after the shop’s installation concludes. Developers can leverage this feature to introduce additional steps, preload assets, or preprocess data during the installation phase.

Webservice Improvements

Access your shop’s webservice status and URL conveniently from the top of the page under Advanced parameters > Webservice. This user-friendly enhancement aids new users and facilitates troubleshooting for common issues.

Enjoy the flexibility of partial updates using the PATCH method on webservice endpoints. This innovative approach allows integrations to update specific parts of an entity, offering a more granular control over data modifications.

PHP 8 and PHP 8.1 Compatibility

PrestaShop 8 mandates a minimum PHP version of 7.2 and ensures compatibility with the latest PHP 8.1, supported until November 2023. Embrace the performance and security enhancements that each new PHP version brings. Running PrestaShop on the latest PHP version is crucial for optimal functionality, and targeting a specific PHP version unlocks access to new language features.

Symfony and Library Upgrades

PrestaShop 8 has undergone a significant upgrade to Symfony 4.4 LTS (Long Term Support), supported by the Symfony team until November 2023. This release also introduces updates to various libraries, including Guzzle 7.4, Twig 3, PHPUnit 8, and Circuit Breaker 4, ensuring your PrestaShop remains at the forefront of technology.

Open Source Neutrality

PrestaShop 8 marks a pivotal moment in the project’s evolution towards company neutrality. The Addons Marketplace is no longer bundled with the project but can be installed separately. The project strives for greater independence by minimizing ties to specific company products and services, embracing a more open-source approach.

Main Differences from PrestaShop 1.7

Understanding the differences between PrestaShop 8 and its predecessor, PrestaShop 1.7, is essential for businesses contemplating an upgrade. PrestaShop 8 brings a revamped architecture, improved security protocols, and an upgraded technology stack. The shift to PrestaShop 8 ensures your e-commerce platform is future-proof, benefiting from the latest innovations and security measures.

Why Upgrade to PrestaShop 8 from PrestaShop 1.7

Companies currently using PrestaShop 1.7 might wonder about the benefits of migrating to PrestaShop 8. The answer lies in staying competitive. PrestaShop 8 not only offers a more efficient and user-friendly experience but also ensures compatibility with emerging technologies. Upgrading guarantees that your business remains agile and responsive to market changes, providing a competitive edge in the fast-paced world of e-commerce.

I-xperts and Creative – Your PrestaShop Development Partner

With a specialized focus on PrestaShop developmentkataskevi eshop and support since 2014, I-xperts and Creative stands out as a trusted partner for businesses seeking expertise in e-commerce solutions. Our seasoned professionals are well-versed in the intricacies of PrestaShop, ensuring a smooth transition and optimal performance for your online store.

Steps to Upgrade from PrestaShop 1.7 to 8

Upgrading from PrestaShop 1.7 to PrestaShop 8 requires meticulous planning and execution. Here are the key steps involved:

  1. Backup your Data: Before any migration, it’s crucial to back up your store’s data to prevent data loss during the process.
  2. Update Modules and Themes: Ensure all modules and themes are compatible with PrestaShop 8. Update or replace any elements that may pose compatibility issues.
  3. Test in a Staging Environment: Conduct thorough testing in a staging environment to identify and rectify any issues before going live with the upgraded version.
  4. Custom Code Review: If your store has custom code, review and update it to align with PrestaShop 8’s architecture.
  5. Database Migration: Migrate your database to the new version, ensuring data integrity throughout the process.
  6. SEO Considerations: Update SEO settings and redirects to maintain search engine visibility and rankings.

Is PrestaShop 8 Better for SEO?

Yes, PrestaShop 8 comes with enhanced SEO features, including improved page load times, mobile responsiveness, and schema markup support. These factors contribute to a better overall SEO performance, ensuring your online store is more discoverable and ranks higher in search engine results.


PrestaShop 8 heralds a new era in e-commerce development, offering a host of exciting features and advancements. For businesses already leveraging PrestaShop 1.7, the migration to PrestaShop 8 is not just an upgrade; it’s a strategic move toward future-proofing your online presence. With I-xperts and Creative by your side, the transition becomes a seamless and rewarding experience. Stay ahead in the e-commerce game – upgrade to PrestaShop 8 today!