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Unveiling the Kia Tasman: Everything You Need to Know So Far

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The Kia Tasman is one of the most anticipated vehicles coming to Australia today. This new ute will fill a gap in the Kia range of cars, specifically competing against the Toyota Hilux, Isuzu D-Max, and Ford Ranger.

If you’re one of those people anticipating the Kia Tasman, then you’re in the right place! Here’s what we know so far about this vehicle. 

Kia Tasman Specifications

While Kia has yet to disclose the detailed Kia Tasman specifications, several key features have been confirmed, giving us a glimpse into what to expect from this vehicle.

Kia is aiming to challenge the current leaders in the ute segment, which means the Tasman will need to offer a substantial 3,500 kg braked towing capacity and a 1,000 kg payload on some variants. However, unlike some high-end variants of the Ford Ranger, the Tasman will not feature a V6 engine.

The Kia Tasman will launch with a four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine, with the manufacturer not announcing plans to add a six-cylinder engine or hybrid and plug-in hybrids to the line-up. This is to stay in line with its competitors who predominantly offer straight-four engines.

In terms of its exterior, this ute boasts a distinctive design and style. Inside the cabin, the Kia Tasman features are also expected to offer a high-end experience. You can anticipate a version of the dual-screen infotainment setup seen across the Kia range. Other features likely to be included are a retro T-bar shifter and prominent dials for the four-wheel-drive system.

Regarding its size, it’s hinted that the new Kia Tasman model will be larger than a Ranger but smaller than a full-size truck, like the Ford F-150 or Ram 1500. For off-road enthusiasts, a selectable four-wheel-drive system with a low-range setting is almost certain, making this vehicle capable of operating in 4×4 mode on various terrains. You can expect some settings tailored for sand, mud, and towing situations.

As for the handling, the Tasman has been developed and tuned to be competitive against its counterparts.

Kia Tasman Price

The Kia Tasman price is presumed to be a pivotal factor influencing its reception in Australia’s highly competitive ute market. With its main benchmarks (Ford Ranger and Toyota HiLux) occupying the pricier end, with some versions ranging from $70,000 to $90,000, Kia faces a challenging pricing landscape. For a manufacturer that’s new to the ute market, positioning the Tasman at a bold price point could be risky.

A lower price point (perhaps around the $60,000 range for a flagship model) would align it with some of its competitors, like the Isuzu D-Max, Mitsubishi Triton, and Nissan Navara. However, Kia is unlikely to pursue even cheaper offerings to attract budget-conscious buyers.

Regardless, we can expect to get Kia’s 7-year unlimited-kilometre warranty, which is a feature many of its big-name competitors cannot match. This should provide prospective buyers with added peace of mind and potentially give the Tasman an edge in the market.

As Kia navigates the pricing landscape, finding the right balance between affordability and features will be crucial for the Tasman’s success.

Kia Tasman Release Date

According to a report by CarExpert, the Kia Tasman release date is expected to coincide with the 2025 Australian Open tennis tournament.

Development work on the Kia Tasman ute began as early as 2019. However, the trail of publicly available information cooled off in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During this period, Kia executives became more cautious in their comments about the vehicle’s release.

In May 2023, Kia Australia disclosed to dealers its plans to introduce a new ute to the market, with an anticipated Australian on-sale date in 2025. Shortly after, the Tasman name was trademarked by Kia. This signalled a significant step forward in the development process.

Since then, the brand has been diligently testing, tuning, and refining its Ford Ranger-rivalling model over an extensive development period in preparation for its highly anticipated launch.

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As anticipation builds for the release of the Kia Tasman, we’ll keep you informed with all the latest news, specs, and pricing information. Whether you’re eagerly awaiting its arrival or considering it as your next ute purchase, we’ve got you covered.

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