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Upgrade Your Ride: With Circooter Cutting-Edge Electric Scooter

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At Circooter, we are dedicated to providing you with an outstanding riding experience through our unique electric scooters. With our flagship models, the R3 Off Road Electric Scooter and the M2 Off Road electric scooter, discover the excitement of off-road adventures and environmentally responsible commuting.

Off-Road Electric Scooter Circooter: Unleash the Potential of R3

Overview of the R3 Off Road Electric Scooter:

  • Dual 800W Motors: The R3’s dual 800W motors, which are built to easily drive you over any terrain, provide you with unmatched acceleration and speed.
  • Maximum Speed of 28 mph: Experience the thrill of fast rides with a top speed of 28 mph, which makes the R3 a great option for off-road lovers and adrenaline seekers.
  • The Essence of Endurance: The R3 is not just a quick starter; it lasts a long time. With a maximum range of 21–25 miles (35–40 km) on a single charge, enjoy longer off-road travels.

Why Choose the R3?

  1. Exciting Off-Road Experiences
  2. Sturdy Dual Motor Function
  3. Outstanding Range for Further Investigation

Exploring Sustainable Circooter M2 Off-Road Electric Scooter Use

Highlights of the M2 Off Road Electric Scooter:

  • Regenerative Lithium-Ion Battery: The 48V/12.5Ah regenerative lithium-ion battery of the M2 allows you to embrace environmentally responsible mobility while storing 600Wh of energy.
  • Up to 25 Miles Per Charge: The M2 is a great option for riders who care about the environment because it offers efficient and environmentally friendly rides with a remarkable 25 miles per charge.

Why Opt for the M2?

  1. Renewable and Effective Energy Source
  2. Increased Range for Flexible Commuting
  3. Modern Style with a Green Heart


What distinguishes the electric scooters from other manufacturers called Circooter?

Circooter electric scooters are unique because of their cutting-edge styling, excellent functionality, and dedication to sustainability. Every model is expertly constructed to provide a state-of-the-art riding experience. The dual 800W motors of the Circooter R3 off-road powerhouse provide remarkable acceleration and an exhilarating top speed of 28 mph. Its sturdy construction guarantees a fun and long-lasting off-road adventure.

How strong are the motors on the electric scooter Circooter R3 Off Road?

With its two 800W motors, the R3 offers exceptional speed and acceleration for an exciting off-road experience.

What is the Circooter R3 Off Road electric scooter’s top speed?

With a top speed of 28 mph, the R3 is an exciting option for riders looking for high-performance off-road skills.

What is the Circooter R3 Off Road electric scooter’s maximum range?

With an amazing 21–25 miles (35–40 km) of maximum range on a single charge, the R3 ensures extended off-road adventure.

A 48V/12.5Ah regenerative lithium-ion battery that can store 600Wh of energy powers the Circooter M2. With a range of up to 25 miles per charge, it offers your vehicles an economical and environmentally friendly power source.

Visit Circooter.co.uk to Discover the Future of Electric Scooters.

Electric scooters from Circooter represent a whole way of life, not just a mode of mobility. With an emphasis on sustainability, innovation, and exceptional performance, the R3 and M2 models completely reimagine what is feasible for electric scooters.

Explore our entire selection of electric scooters, accessories, and more at circooter.co.uk. Ride with Circooter to elevate your experience and welcome the future.